Christmas decorations make the apartment cozy and homely

Christmas decorations make the apartment cozy and homely

Christmas is getting closer and so the anticipation of the festival is increasing. We all want to create a cozy and homely home where we celebrate the Christmas and family circle of friends. We often resort to traditional Christmas decorations because he is so shiny and glamorous. But if you're a fan of modern design, you've come to the right place today. Especially for you we collected unusual Christmas decoration ideas. We show examples of new and current decoration and hope you like it. Here we present practical tips for a modern Christmas decoration!

candy cane-weihnachtsschmuck

From candy canes you can make a beautiful poinsettia and hang it on your Christmas tree

hauseingang-deco-christmas-christmas decorations

Simple, but romantic! Decorate your entrance and welcome your guests!


Red candles in small tree trunks bring a romantic touch to the house

Christmas decorations in classic color duo black and white

Black and white is a classic combination of colors and is always in fashion. Why not use this well-known color duo for your Christmas decorations at home? Black and white can be beautifully combined with the typical Christmas colors.


Classic elegance - Christmas balls in black and white

heart-ideas-black-white christmas decorations

The classic color duo black and white can be wonderfully paired with gold nuances

gifts packaging-ideas-weihnachtsschmuck

The Christmas gifts can also be decorated in both classic colors


Christmas balls in different sizes and patterns decorate the party table

Christmas decoration with birds and feathers

Christmas decoration with feathers looks as fluffy soft as the first snow outside. Add a bright accent to your Christmas decorations by inserting small owls in the decoration or tinkering some ornamental ornaments, even wreaths made of feathers. Complete your Christmas decoration with different bird figures, for example peacocks, they look especially festive.

Decorating ideas Feathers-weihnachtsschmuck

Decorate with feathers and create a special Christmas decoration

smaller Bird weihnachtsschmuck

A small bird on a branch, very bright and sparkling - is not that cool?


Little sparrows and beautifully arranged candles bring the spirit of Christmas straight to the house


Could the little sparrow show when it's snowing outside?

Christmas decorations from succulents or gifts of nature

Unpretentious but trendy are the deco ideas with succulents. Christmas garlands and wreaths are to be made from it and such decoration ideas are now particularly popular. So, try integrating the gifts of nature and the succulents of your garden into your Christmas decorations and keeping them in your home for a long time.

wall wreath-weihnachtsschmuck

Decorate with the gifts of nature and introduce natural freshness and charm into your interior


From bark you can make a little Santa Claus

ideas Candles-wooden box-weihnachtsschmuck

Arrange in a wooden box some nice candles with fir branches, cones and acorns

wreath-garland-green-christmas decorations

Weave a special Christmas wreath with succulents and greenery

Modern Christmas wreaths

Wreaths of evergreen fir branches, arranged with cones, are part of the classic Christmas decorations. Your front door, windows or the fireplace could be decorated with such beautiful Christmas wreaths. A home-made wreath on the table could be the best place for a candle arrangement.


A very simple idea to bring a decidedly natural touch to the interior

creative-christmas wreath-weihnachtsschmuck

Cones and rosehips are traditionally used for Christmas decoration


Green wreaths decorate the floor-to-ceiling windows


Green wreaths hide the Christmas presents

Christmas decoration of spruce branches

Spruce branches in the decoration give you a fresh and modern look. The natural look is classic and especially popular here. It would be better to emphasize the spruce branches themselves visually and bring them to light, without decorating them with ornaments in addition.

tischdeko-christmas-christmas decorations

Green spruce branches decorate the festively decorated Christmas table

tischdeko rustic-ideas-weihnachtsschmuck

It can be a bit rustic ...


Decorated with love for nature ....

ideas Fresh-Christmas-deco-weihnachtsschmuck

If you have a special taste for the rustic style ............

Matching Christmas lights are a must

Christmas lights were and still are a popular ornament on the Christmas tree today. But modern bright Christmas garlands can illuminate an entire room in such a way that the ambience appears very romantic and comfortable. Arrange the light show with various Christmas garlands and admire their effect.

romantic-Christmas lights-Christmas decorations

Distribute romantic Christmas lights here and there


Christmas lights up everywhere .........

Christmas-decorating-christmas decorations

Gentle lighting is in demand for Christmas

Christmas table decoration

The Christmas decorations on the festive table should create a festive atmosphere and bring much joy. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas for your Christmas decorations on the table that will delight your guests. Choose the typical Christmas colors, arrange your table decorations and create a particularly festive atmosphere in which you can celebrate the big party with friends and family.

name card on fixed-table-weihnachtsschmuck

The name cards on the party table can look like this

stuhldeko-christmas-christmas decorations

Decorate the chairs with a big red bow and some greenery

naturally-decorating-christmas-christmas decorations

At the edge of the table you can hang cones in this way


Christmas is the most beautiful and biggest family party and we want to do a great job!

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