Christmas decoration, What styles in the decoration for Christmas can you differentiate?

Christmas decoration, What styles in the decoration for Christmas can you differentiate?

You still can not do it all Decorating ideas for Christmas Find your own? Would you like to add details to make the whole thing more complete, but you do not know what?

Maybe we can help you with the most popular styles of decoration for Christmas.

You did not know that there were any? Yes, and they are easy to distinguish!

Classic decoration for Christmas

classic christmas tree

The classic Christmas decoration with the decorated Christmas tree next to the fireplace always remains popular

Both natural and artificial fir trees can be used here. The jewelery uses the classic garlands and Christmas balls. They must be as colorful as possible, with red clearly dominating. A little less, but also very present are blue, white, gold and silver.

Obligatory are the candles and the festive textiles in the interior decoration.


Classic Christmas decoration in front of the fireplace in white and silver

French style

geschmuckter Christmas Tree

Somewhat neutral and minimalist - the French style in the Christmas decoration

The French style, also known as Belgian, is more neutral and minimalist, but also bears many signs of classical music. The difference is mainly in the color plate, where predominantly white and silver prevail. The lights are artificial, but remind of candles in their shape and style.

environmental style

DIY-paper garlands

DIY paper garlands, such as snowflake patterns, are ideal for this.

Christmas is a festival of true values ​​and of course, environmental protection is one of them today. They reflect a different style, mostly classic, with already available materials. On the internet you will find many workshops on Recycle Art.

Rural style

christmas-deco pillows

The Country styles in always in!

Here we have different e variants. The ideas inspired by Provence are based on the simple and naturalistic appearance. In terms of ambience, this will most closely approach the authentic image of the Nativity according to the Bible. This was done under the simplest conditions.

But you can also choose the country style, which simply uses rough natural material, such as driftwood or natural stone.

sofa-deco pillows

Rural touches in the interior


elegant sofa-deco pillows

Pure luxury in the interior and the Christmas decoration

The decoration for Christmas can also be luxurious. For this, you should choose elements of the Christmas tree inspired by jewelery and gemstones. Gold, silver, ivory determine the color palette.

Black and white patterns are suitable as accents.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian-style Christmas Tree

In a Christmas decoration in the Scandinavian style, the Christmas tree is slightly laterally, not directly in the field of vision

Also the Scandinavian style you can choose for the decoration for Christmas. The Christmas tree is not in the center, but slightly laterally and ornamented branches determine the character of the room. Candles, glass and very subtle use of natural decoration are added.


minimalism-in-the-christmas decoration

Minimalism in the Christmas decoration - there is also!

Even more subtle is the decoration for Christmas in the style of minimalism. Here you can set to a few floating elements. You should choose a type of such and put it throughout in the interior.

The decoration for Christmas and the style of your apartment

If the style of your apartment matches the style of the desired decoration for Christmas, then everything fits. This need not be. You can also create a contrast or provide more eclectic. The festivals are special because they give our everyday life a completely new character!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Every Christmas decoration is beautiful if it is stylish

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