Checkered furniture and textiles for a homelike ambience

Checkered furniture and textiles for a homelike ambience

The check pattern with its clear shapes exudes cosiness. At the same time, you associate it with the country house style, the British style or with the newer tendencies like vintage style or shabby chic. Gladly checkered furniture and textiles can be integrated into the modern design. Today we show you a colorful combination of patterns, as well as the British stylish passion for symmetrical relationships.

Already since the end of the 19th century, the check pattern exists and is trendy to this day mainly thanks to the popular Burberry pattern. Colored checks in large and small rectangles bring a touch of country house style to today's design. Now take a look at the ideas for interesting room design with check patterns:

Checkered furniture

The checked pattern in the interior was modeled on the traditional, comfortable country houses. The plaid is found everywhere: on furniture, textiles and walls. The mixture of discreet furniture and materials looks natural.

Natural colors, plants and checked patterns in a country-style checkered chair with checked pattern Country-style cosiness bedroom furnishings

Natural colors, plants and check patterns in country style

The classic mix of red and white rectangles is particularly good on the classic wingback chair. The cushioned armrests and the comfortable backrest ensure comfort and a distinctive vintage look. For a natural accent, the check is combined with solid wood furniture and an outstanding open stone fireplace.

Cuddlyness in the interior achieve-checkered check pattern wing chair stone fireplace comfort chessboard

To achieve coziness in the interior

Classic materials-combination of leather and wood-checkered plaid living room country-style leather armchair traditional decor

Classic materials combination of leather and wood

In a very rustic atmosphere invites the large-sized check fabric of the two-seater sofa to relax. Here the speech could be calm over alpine look.

Large-sized checked fabric in a very rustic alpine-look wooden hut Cosiness Warmth Karostoff Checked pattern Trend

Large-sized checked fabric in a very rustic alpine look

The cuddly sofa with check pattern looks fused with the rural interior. The homely and comfortable atmosphere is not to be missed here.

Sofa with trendy checked pattern checkered sofa Country style coffee table made of fur house library rustic

Sofa with trendy check pattern

An approximately retracted variant is the sofa in black and white checks. In this eclectic design of the living room in contemporary style, further accents were set such as flowers and home accessories.

Checked black and white checkered sofa in eclectic living room plaid

Black and white checkered sofa in eclectic living room

In the decor in neutral colors, the armchair with plaid overcoat could serve as a splash of color. The check fabric is a great solution if you want to bring more comfort into the interior.

Interior in neutral colors - white checkered interior

Decor in neutral colors

Checkered textiles

The beautiful check pattern embellishment can be found on throws, chair and armchair covers, carpets and even on the bed linen. In particular woolen blankets in England and Scotland are available in a variety of checks. Often, rich colors are combined. As a bedspread they look excellent and shape the clear interior design style.

As a bedspread, the pattern is particularly inviting-checkered check pattern natural colors bedroom rustic headboard made of wood

As a bedspread, the pattern is particularly inviting

For the rural bedroom, the playful check pattern fits wonderfully. On ceilings, pillows and bedspreads it softens the elegant coolness of the room. The next picture shows homely furniture and exquisite taste. The button stitching was the final touch.

Bedroom in country style bedroom design country style checkered bed bench buttoned Roman blinds

Bedroom in rural style

The check pattern in rich red and white looks friendly, but also brings vitality and intensity into the home design. Here we see it in the form of bed linen.

Red and white plaid bedding-white bedroom country-style sloping wooden beam

Red and white plaid bedding

The check pattern defines a fixture in the dining room. The eye-catching red and white chair covers have a varied appearance and bring spring freshness to the table.

Check pattern on the kitchen table white checkered check pattern chair cover cheerful kitchen kitchen table solid wood country style

Check pattern on the kitchen table

As a wall decoration, the check pattern ensures a rustic-rustic character. In the form of a retired checkered wallpaper, it brings romance and country house atmosphere into the rooms.

As a wallpaper, the checked pattern looks particularly charming-white checkered plaid wallpaper wall decoration shower cubicle modern

As a wallpaper, the check pattern looks particularly charming

This luxurious-looking wall design looks wonderfully casual in combination with the elegant vanity unit.

Low-key and stylish checked pattern as a wall design for the bathroom-bathroom Washbasin cabinet design

Restrained and stylish checked pattern as a wall design for the bathroom

Check patterns in pastel colors could be integrated in the form of carpet in the interior. A checkered carpet helps to make the overall picture visually more interesting.

Carpet with delicate checked pattern checkered pattern modern bright corridor kitchen country style

Carpet with a delicate check pattern

Plaid linen in natural-color checkered plaid bedding home design luxury lavish bedroom

Checked linen in natural colors

Tartan pattern in a country style plaid checked pattern tartan pattern country style green blue

Tartan pattern in country style

Small checked sofa and armchair throws plaid check pattern living room country style

Small-scale sofa and armchair throws

Small plaid cushions on wingback chairs convince with their individual charm plaid cushions checkered wing chair lush furnishings

Small plaid pillows on wingback chairs convince with their individual charm

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