Celebrate Kids Birthday - Creative decoration concepts for a great atmosphere at your next kids birthday party

Celebrate Kids Birthday - Creative decoration concepts for a great atmosphere at your next kids birthday party

For a long time, the colorful balloons are not the only way to decorate a children's birthday party. On the Internet you will find a variety of deco ideas for the table, the walls, the garden party, etc. And the abundance of information is so great that you get confused very easily. Many ideas mix in the head - each idea itself is great, but not always one can unite all ideas in a great overall concept. In this article we show you great deco concepts and we will tell you some smart tips for a happy birthday.

Choose the right color concept

girls-kids birthday-party-first-birthday-susigkeiten-table-deco-resized

The first birthday is a very special family celebration

Proper color concept does not mean that there are specific, concrete rules. It should look harmonious and cheerful, which you can not do with random objects in very different colors. Decide on a certain main color and some matching secondary colors. A very soft look can be achieved by combining several pastel shades or mating white with small accents in bold colors. If you get along with the color concept, continue with the decoration.

The food as a creative decoration

Avoid serving the food in large plates and bowls. Do not forget that the kids do not focus on the food, but on the great look and then happy game. Take sweets in colors that match your color concept and spread them in small colorful paper cups to create a good mood on the birthday party. Decorate each mug with personalized labels that the kids can keep as a nice reminder of their fun birthday.

Mini bar for small ladies and gentlemen

Create a small bar zone where every child can serve themselves. Arrange elegant cups or glasses and get funny straws. Younger guests will feel very proud of behaving like adults at the party.

Our tip: Avoid the artificial drinks from the market, which contain a lot of sugar and chemical substances. Get better fruit and make yourself healthy and delicious juices for the children's party.

Be inspired by our picture gallery and make the best decoration for your child's birthday.

kids birthday-party-garden celebration-juice-making self-resized

Prepare the juice yourself for the little ones on the birthday party

creative-deco-ideas-kids birthday-party-cake-resized

Colorful table design creates a serene and playful atmosphere at the children's birthday party

kids birthday-party-table-deco-popcorn-resized

Decorated popcorns in paper cups bring a lot of joy to the children

table-deco-ideas-kids birthday-party-resized

Stylish table design for a happy birthday

candy-pie-tischdeko-kids birthday-party-resized

Every birthday party has a fabulous cake

kids birthday-party-colorful-macarons-tischdeko-resized

Sphere cookies are delicious and every kid eats them very much

kids birthday-party-themed party-in-purple-birthday tore-resized

Stylish children's party in purple

kids birthday-party-cupcakes decorated muffins-resized

Sweet cupcakes with nice cream decoration are a good idea for the kids birthday

blue-deco-kids birthday-party-young-resized

Kids Birthday - deco in baby blue is a great idea!

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