Bring a wintry flair directly to your bedroom

Bring a wintry flair directly to your bedroom

It is cold outside, it is snowing and storming, but indoors it will be very cozy in this winter season. And we want to prove it to you right away. Today, we have prepared 12 beautiful ideas for you and continue to work on how to bring home the magic of Christmas and the cold season, spread it through all the spaces and create a very cozy and festive atmosphere in your home. Today is the bedroom turn! Here you will discover great opportunities to reshape the very private space with little effort depending on the winter season, more specifically, to dress new!

bedroom-cozy bed wash Fit-decoration

Turn your bedroom into a pleasant retreat!

Bring a Christmas touch to the bedroom!
You can do that best and easiest with matching textures and colors. Put on red and white and then you can spread some green accents here and there. An example only: this dark and dreamy bedroom has been transformed into a rustic holiday paradise.

bettwaesche-tips-furs-bedroom pillows

Faux fur cushion for more warmth and coziness in the bedroom

Fake fur pillows are now a must in the bedroom
In the bedroom we absolutely need some cozy pillows. In winter, these can be made of faux fur and they emphasize the coziness in your bed and in the whole ambience. The warm and rich texture of the coat brings a wintry touch to the bedroom and makes it look comfortable and dreamy.

bedroom bed-accents

Red is perfect as an accent color in the bedroom

An accent color in the bedroom yes or no?
The bedroom is usually not as big as the living room for example. Therefore we only want to guess: Try to keep the accent colors there to a minimum. Impressive and saturated colors like wine red, for example, can only be used as an accent to update the neutral furniture with extra pillows or throw blankets.


A small fir in the pot attracts everyone's attention

Introduce wintery deco elements into the interior
As we have already said, it is an excellent way to introduce wintery flair into your bedroom through textures. This dark bedroom has been transformed into a cozy retreat based on a mix of natural elements and evergreen, for example with this mini Christmas tree!

bedroom bed headboard-decorate

Make your own garland according to your taste and hang it on the bed headboard

DIY garland for the bed head part
Now you can make your bed headboard a little more conspicuous and shape it according to the coming party. You have many ideas for making your own, but here is a very simple one. You can easily make this unique DIY garland yourself, from small branches that form together in the form of stars. Then you just hang your garland on the headboard and admire your work every day for weeks!

star-bedside light

This star accompanies you throughout the winter season and illuminates your bedroom

Star as a bedside lamp
This is a smart idea, because this star shines without emitting heat. His other plus: he looks fancy, right?


Do you want to make a rustic advent calendar yourself?

A very rustic advent calendar
For many people, the advent calendar is an inseparable part of their Christmas decoration. This is also a wise way to keep the children's anticipation of the coming party alive longer. But have you ever seen such a rustic advent calendar?


Such window decoration would introduce naturalness into the interior

Decorating with the gifts of nature
Without a doubt, you also have to bring a green note to the bedroom. This is best done with one or two Christmas wreaths that you made yourself. Walking through the winter forest, you can find fir branches, collect cones and make the Christmas wreaths out of them. Hang these on the window and emphasize the classic style in your bedroom. To give your window decoration a personal touch would also be a great design idea. For this purpose, integrate unique natural elements into the wreaths, such as pine cones or small birds, which stand as decorative ornaments. This will bring your room look to a higher level and introduce a festive flair to the bedroom.

Black Christmas Ball

Do not the black Christmas balls look unique on the antlers?

Hang Christmas balls on the antlers
Beautiful Christmas balls should not only hang on the Christmas tree, they have a wide use in the Advent decoration. In this bedroom you have hung black Christmas balls on the antlers and turned them into an eye-catcher. How do you like the idea?


A fresh, natural scent can be enjoyed in the bedroom in winter

Enjoy the scent of fresh evergreen branches in the bedroom
Look around in the garden or in the park and find evergreen shrubs that smell pleasantly fresh. Some small branches of it will refresh the air in your bedroom and bring a lot of peace and serenity to it.


Evergreen houseplants can be reshaped like little fir trees

Form green houseplants as small fir trees
Transform your evergreen houseplants into small fir trees and place them anywhere in your bedroom. To achieve a modern look, you would need some such. Or collect them in different colors, arrange them and you have a vintage look!

bedroom-reading corner

Design a cozy reading corner in your bedroom and enjoy every hour there!

Beautiful green wreaths for the reading corner
In this cozy reading corner you have set a Christmas accent, namely by the Christmas wreath. He stands around the lamp base, brings freshness and emphasizes your anticipation of the great Christmas! We hope you enjoyed our DIY ideas and you can realize some of them right away. Enjoy your Christmas in your Christmas decorated bedroom!

We wish you a merry christmas!

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