Brilliant designer deco for the modern apartment - STRIKE UP MATCH HOLDER + STRIKER by FRUITSUPER DESIGN

Brilliant designer deco for the modern apartment - STRIKE UP MATCH HOLDER + STRIKER by FRUITSUPER DESIGN

Strike Up Match Holder + Striker is a brilliant designer decoration, developed by the studio FRUITSUPER DESIGN, which operates in Seattle, Washington. The minimalist look of the matches and candle holders can be ideally enrolled in any setting and you set a great design accent in the apartment.

spreadable holzer-designer-deco-full aluminum

Replace the old matchboxes with the great matchstick holders

The plain pieces have a very big advantage over the usual candle holders - their surface is rough and serves as a rubbing surface, where the matches are easily made to burn. The rough texture is the natural result of the production process - sand casting. The sand molds are made north of Mississippi in an old foundry, which was founded in the distant 1922. Each sand mold is carefully checked and packaged by skilled workers to ensure a perfect quality for each piece. These matchstick and candle holders are made of solid aluminum and their visible texture is reminiscent of the timeless production process.


The candlesticks developed by FRUITSUPER DESIGN are very stable

The stylish collection STRIKE UP MATCH HOLDER + STRIKER only consists of two pieces, which bring a modern and exquisite flair to the atmosphere. This will allow you to decorate the window sill, your desk or the dining table in the living room. The environmentally friendly candles made of beeswax complement the natural note of the candlesticks. And to show the matches in the holders creates a special charm in the living room. Convince yourself of it and take a look at the photos in our picture gallery.

designer-deco-full aluminum-glass vase-candlestick

Rub directly on the surface of the holder to ignite the wooden stick

spreadable holzer-designer-deco

The Strike Up Match Holder + Striker can be wonderfully combined with beeswax candles

designer-deco-minimalist style

The matchstick and candle holders will fit any style of living because of their simple shape and color

spreadable holzer-designer-deco-ideas

The cast weld enhances the robust look of the design pieces


Great gift idea for friends, family and business partners

windowsill-trending holzer-designer-deco-wise Candles

The design trio looks very chic on the windowsill

beeswax-eco-candles-trending holzer-designer-deco

The rough surface is the sought after effect

modern-trending holzer-designer-deco

Design and Practicism in One

designer-deco-table design retro candles

The wooden sticks directly on the candle holder to ignite is really fun

designer-deco-windowsill-candles-from-beeswax-full aluminum

The brilliant designer decoration for your home

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