Bohemian look for your bedroom

Bohemian look for your bedroom

Your bedroom talks about your identity and lifestyle, as this is the privacy of every apartment. And the decoration reflects the state of your soul. Express your thoughts, preferences and inner aspiration with a great design of your bohemian style bedroom that adorns your home in a fancy way. If you like to spend your free time in the sleeping area and relax in the best way, we recommend you to develop your imagination and to choose the bohemian style. Today we introduce you a great range of bohemian style ideas for your bedroom.

A feather-light canopy

Bedroom in Bohemian style linen ethnic pattern

The feathery canopy is a must in the boho bedroom

The bed is the main accent in the interior of every stylish bedroom. Emphasize its charisma with an ethereal canopy, which has a very boho effect in the room. The fine textiles of the canopy should be slightly transparent and necessarily fall to the ground. Create a fabulous and relaxing atmosphere with fairy lights that interlace very elegantly in the fabric. Even let the sheets fall to the floor to create a real Bohemian style bedroom.

Ethno patterns are really boho

white canopy bedroom design ideas bedding in gray

Gray bedding with ethnic patterns and pompons

The quickest way to change the look of your bedroom is to renew the textiles. This is about the curtains, the bed linen, the carpet, the decorative cushions or the wall decorations. The colorful ethnic patterns, the ethereal and natural textiles, as well as the cheerful combinations in many bold colors are typically bohemian. If you want to enjoy a quieter atmosphere in your bedroom, opt for white linens and curtains, but definitely put on colorful accents with ethnic and floral patterns. Very popular boho decos are the pompons, the stripes, the tassels and the great fringes. Decorate your bed with a variety of pillows and immerse yourself in pure enjoyment when you go to bed.

More color for a proper boho look

White curtains bedding in white with pompons sleeping area

A white ambience can also be designed in Bohemian style

To create a cool bohemian look, be brave and choose cheerful color concepts. The boho atmosphere should delight the eye and prove a true freedom and independence of the soul. Use different sounds and do not forget - in bohemian style there are no forbidden color combinations. Express your personality with colorful decorative elements in different bold colors and shapes. All little things have an important meaning for the overall look of the bedroom, z. As vases, decorative pillows, blankets, lights, candles and everything that comes to mind.

Glass beads, flowers and feathers

colorful bedding in bohemian style bedroom interior ideas

A really colorful bedroom with a strong boho look

The charming bohemian style gives you full freedom to beautify the space to your taste. There is no crazy idea here and actually everything fits very well. The luscious, the boho. Consider the ornamented decorations. The most popular bohemian decos are, for example, the strips of textile over the bed or the figures made of feathers. All ornaments are welcome - glass beads, sequins, shiny elements in the interior. Do you have old works of art in the basement or on the roof lock? - Her boho bedroom needs her to complement or rather refine the bohemian atmosphere.

More boho inspirations can be found below in our picture gallery, which we have put together especially for you. Enjoy browsing!

Bohemian look for the bedroom Bedding in rose and brown with ethnic pattern

Pastel shades are well-suited to the bohemian style of making ethno figures

Ethno pattern bedding in sky blue and white bohemian bedroom

White boho atmosphere with pleasant accents in sky blue

Bed linen Ethno pattern

Fairy lights create a very romantic flair in the room

Linens Ethno Muste look for the bedroom

Tassels made of wool and hemp threads are typical decoration for the boho interior design

Double bed Bohemian style luxury bedding

Wall design in Bohemian style

Deco ideas in Bohemian style bedding in pink and gray

A creative boho decoration - strips of textile on the wall

Double bed Bohemian style wall deco houseplants

Books stacked on each other make up the perfect bedside table in bohemian style

dramatic bedding in Bohemian style white floor

The mattress right on the floor is a good idea for the bohemian style bedroom

round decorative pillow bedroom in bohemian style ethnic pattern

Colorful bedding and unique decorative pillows are the perfect match

Bedroom design ideas Bedding with ethnic pattern in black and white

Rely on the great ornaments for a charming bohemian style bedroom

Wooden headboard in Bohemian style suspended bed linen in gray

Beautiful boho headboard with unique wood carving

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