Blossom festival with onion flowers

Blossom festival with onion flowers

Onion flowers are the stars in the spring garden. With their splendor of color and abundance of flowers, they enchant in beds and pots and find a good place even in the smallest garden as well as on the balcony and terrace. In October, the planting time of these true spring artists!

Everybody knows the welcome, with which every year we welcome the first flowers in the garden after the cold winter days. That's why it's a good idea to plan and prepare the late spring islands in your own garden in autumn. Onion flowers play the main role.

Onion flowers have many advantages. One of them is that they are easy to plant. In addition, the flower market offers a wide variety of varieties and colors to suit every venue in the garden. Onion flowers stage the grand entrance in flower beds, decorate the edges of the woods and gladly greet pots on the balcony and terrace. Especially in small gardens, they perform like real artists.

These early blooming flowers thrive easily among deciduous shrubs, because until the trees shadow the ground, they are already retreating.

Very important for the effect of onion flowers are the right companions: In combination with two-year-old flowers, such as pansies, primers and daisy flowers, the spring spice becomes even more expressive and the color spectrum much richer. But ideal partners are also perennial species of plants, because the bulb flowers bloom long before it. In this way, the garden looks much more natural than pure bulb flower arrangements. You should pay attention to the harmonious transitions. Tall tulips and daffodils are best in the back of the bed. In the middle you plant the semi-tall species such as hyacinths and at the front edge, for example, crocuses and anemones. Incidentally, the most effective effect is always whole groups of the same variety.

However, if the autumnal October period is exploited to cover bulbous flowers in the pot and garden, the colors and the spring feelings for the next year are guaranteed.

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You can find some important practical tips for planting bulbous flowers here.

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