"Block Village" by HAO Design or how to use wood in modern interior design

"Block Village" by HAO Design or how to use wood in modern interior design

When you enter this 40 square meter apartment in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, you will immediately feel the bright and cozy atmosphere in there. Living and dining room are in one and represent a pleasant space in the apartment where the young owner family can build their beautiful dreams for the future. The designer's choice of a bright living area is fully in line with the owners' idea for their dream home. The overall concept is really future-oriented, it is made of simple softwood panels in this apartment, has a lot of harmonious green. The whitewashed walls create a very bright, very friendly atmosphere. As usual, the hall is practically a collection point, where the living spaces of the individual rooms intertwine. The trendy apartment has three bedrooms, a dining room and a living room, and a dressing room, of course, also has a bathroom and toilet. The designer is paying more attention to the creation of a clear and open environment that pleases the senses of the residents. The wooden staircase seems like an airy bridge between the master bedroom (8 sqm) and the dressing room (5 sqm). The glass dividing walls delimit the rooms on the second level and make the overall space seem more spacious.

Small Apartment Block Village by HAO Design Wood White Green

Simple wooden staircase leads to the second level of the apartment

All elements of the fascinating interior are natural. In the bedroom, tree stumps play the role of bedside tables, soft ornamental flowers complement the natural atmosphere and the intense green wall color harmonizes perfectly with the headboard made of real softwood. On the small living space, kitchen, dining and living room are combined in a remarkable way. Each zone has its own individuality, but fits perfectly into the overall space. The kitchen corner has a delicate, white furniture and stands next to the dining area. From the entrance one sees only a wide pillar in noble green, but hides behind the small, but functional kitchen. A simple closet in soft green, combined with wooden shelves in natural color, covering a whole wall in the living room. The tabletop and the upholstery of the seating furniture have the same subtle, green color. It most likely indicates which favorite drink is the owner, namely the Matcha tea.

Wooden wall paneling small apartment clothes room

The wall cladding made of light natural wood looks warm and comfortable

The overall look of this great apartment is very relaxing and comfortable. The harmonious colors and textures create this natural and modern ambience, located only on a small living space of 40 sqm, where all rooms are very simple, but cleverly designed. Take a look at the following picture gallery and be inspired by this imaginative project.

Living room interior design dining area green furniture wooden floor

Small rooms seem a little bigger if they are not overloaded with unnecessary furnishing elements and overloaded

Wooden stair workplace at home nail wood interior nature

For a job at home you really need very little space

Hallway storage space stairs nailwood small apartment

The steps offer comfortable storage space on the back

small bedroom glass wall back of wooden modern look

A glass wall separates the bedroom

small apartment furnishing ideas wardrobe room mirror wood paneling

The functionally furnished clothes room is located in the immediate vicinity of the parents' bedroom

Interior small apartment wood wall shelf

Small windows on the wall let additional, natural light into the apartment

small kitchen in white interior design ideas hanging lamp wooden floor

Modern kitchen in white and stainless steel

Living room dining area green tiles small apartment

Even from the entrance you can feel the positive and bright appearance of the apartment

Glass railing wooden staircase hallway small apartment furnishing ideas

The wooden staircase has a simple look with straight, clean lines

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