Black furniture, white walls and the motto "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Black furniture, white walls and the motto "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Elegance is timeless. The following living examples prove how exciting a room design can look like when black meets white.

Wooden table side table sofa living room high ceilings

Great sofa in black with matching decorative cushion in dark purple

A clever combination of furniture and a great light and dark contrast: The cozy living ambience appears even more spacious and airy with the help of the minimalist style. The wooden table is a nice accessory as it compensates the effect of the other colors.

Living room white sofa minimal laminate floor herringbone pattern

Living room in black and white

The bright white wall never goes out of fashion. If you dare to get a white loveseat, you might expect a chic decor. Here the decorative cushions, as well as the picture frames set pleasant contrasts.

Sofa Anthazit Upholstery Wood Rug Printed

Retro sofa with buttons in anthracite

The classic color anthracite is an alternative to black. Discreet and elegant, it looks in this retro living room. White and light gray shades ensure an optical contrast.

Conversation Room Retro Classy Hanging Lamps Minimal

Shiny concrete floor is flexible in the otherwise strictly furnished office space

Eclectic, this room with its unusual pieces of furniture from various types of wood. A conversation room should have exactly these characteristics: simplicity and optical warmth.

Music corner wooden floor white floor lamp black gold

Subtle elegance in black, white and gold

Trendy home accessories in silver and gold adorn the magazine pages again this year. The accentuated elegance is achieved with the help of minimalist decorative articles.

Egg Chair black Glass Showcase Retro

Egg Chair in black

Extremely vintage, this interior looks different in materials such as wood, metal and glass. The cover of the armchair adapts to the withdrawn design and ensures casual coziness.

Cabinet blackboard living room modern lush

Create trendy highlights with golden accents

The cabinet in blackboard color can easily be combined with the light furniture. Although it is massive, the curved legs and recordable surface add to the casualness of the interior.

Dining Stripes Black White Modern

Black and white for an eye catching optical effect

Decisive combination in the dining room: clear lines, as well as stripes in black and beige leave a harmonious effect. A precise example, if we have modern statement talk in the living design.

Minimalist living room designer black white wood

The wooden elements bring structure into the design

Fine, light wood nuances add warmth to this minimalist designer home. The fashionable structures of the furniture, as well as the economical installation result in a balanced presence of black and white colors.

Kitchen concrete floor black white contrast

Modern kitchen with strong contrast effect

The importance of home accessories should not be underestimated. Here, the chair, tray and containers create a charming environment by keeping your eyes open. The black cabinet and the white cooking island in this kitchen look basic.

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