Beautiful ideas for the festival of festivals - tradition meets modernity in the Christmas decoration!

Beautiful ideas for the festival of festivals - tradition meets modernity in the Christmas decoration!

In these last weeks until the big festival, you will be overwhelmed by a wonderful festive atmosphere everywhere. And that's good! Because Christmas is already around, a special spirit is in the air, the Christmas decorations in the large shops, shops and restaurants, on the streets and markets only reinforces our anticipation of the festival! We are all eager to decorate our home for Christmas. An undisputed trend can be felt this year in the Christmas decoration, namely trying to combine traditional decoration ideas with modern ideas in the field of Christmas decorations, that is, this year is more a mix of styles allowed, the tradition occurs in the modern age. And the results are more than promising! If you are already interested and curious, stick to it and find out which are the most beautiful decoration ideas for a holiday season at home! Let's go!

Christmas table-gold-and-silver gloss weihnachtsdeko Candle candles stander-i

Create a unique festive atmosphere at the Christmas table

weihnachtsdeko Christmas Tree-adorned-fireplace-star Candles stander

Bring out your Christmas harness and showcase it!

living room-oriented-christbaum-window corner-adorned-shiny

Put a colorful accent in the room through the beautifully decorated Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is always the eye-catcher in the room

Traditionally, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is at the center of all attention during the Advent season. There are different colored Christmas balls, snow-white cones glittering and poinsettias make us happy. But the Christmas tree turns into the undisputed centerpiece of your Christmas decoration on Christmas Eve, when big and small gather around. To be well prepared for the feast of the feasts, you need to decorate your Christmas tree according to your home decorating style and to your taste. Perhaps the traditional Christmas tree decoration in the typical Christmas colors red, green and white appeals to you. Or do you want to decorate the tree differently and bring it to light? Simple, but tasty again it can be! Then try trendy deco ideas in silver and gold! Or do you want to treat yourself to more glamor? Then grab the colors purple, rose quartz and blue and combine them with metal tones in silver or brass! Yes, it may even be a bit cheesy for Christmas! That's why you do not necessarily pursue the trend of making everything look classy! And do not forget to hang your beautiful fairy lights on the Christmas tree! To create a truly magical festive atmosphere at home!

Christmas tree-in-pot

Christmas Decorating in Shabby Chic Style

Blue silver Christmas tree Christmas table wall mirror gray curtains

If you like the winter cool shades, then decorate the Christmas tree in blue and silver

The Christmas wreath is a mandatory deco element in every home during Advent

In the Advent season there is hardly a household where a Christmas wreath is missing. He can look back on a century-long tradition, so that today we can hardly imagine our Christmas decorations without an Advent wreath. As a central piece hung on the dining table or at the front door, the Christmas wreath is always there and expresses our anticipation of the big feast. Traditionally, there are four candles on the Christmas wreath, which are lit one after the other each Sunday in Advent. But there are also modern variants of the Advent wreath, where one has put on a simpler design. Many people even prefer to make the Christmas wreath on their own and then present it proudly on the wall in the living room or in the kitchen. The Christmas wreath can also decorate the hall, the bedroom or children's room and bring us all into the festive mood of Christmas.


Hang a homemade wreath on the front door and welcome your guests!

christmas wreath-to-the-wall-black-furnitures-purple accents

A beautiful wreath adorns the wall above the fireplace, inside burn white candles

The decoration at the Christmas table

traditional christmas table

Traditionally, the Christmas table looks like this, and nothing is missing at the Christmas decoration!

red-green-setting-deco-christmas table

You can put the presents wrapped in Christmas into the center of the table, if everything is in color, as shown here!

modern-christmas-table blue-silver

Modern covered Christmas table in blue and silver can be so attractive

Outside, the snow is trickling, it is freezing cold and we all prefer to stay home more often and longer. It often happens that we invite friends and relatives to dinner. The beautifully decorated and masterfully set dining table is the focus of our attention. It can be executed in the Christmas colors red-green, which is traditionally beautiful. Or something flashy and attractive in silver and blue shine? Color-coordinated table decoration always looks sublime and emphasizes the festive flair in the room. Red and white candles spread their warm light, eucalyptus and fir branches smell wonderfully fresh and their aroma mixes with that of cinnamon and mulled wine. Yes, Christmas is here!

Christmas table-deco

Decorate the Christmas table with attention to detail


Simple and simple in the Scandinavian style

beautifull tableware-einmachglaser-with-candles

Mason jars can get new functions at Christmas and be widely used

Take your time and look at our decoration ideas in peace. Hopefully you will be inspired for new, imaginative ideas. Because in terms of Christmas decoration your imagination and creativity knows no bounds!
Take a look at our picture gallery and draw new ideas for your stylish Christmas decoration at home!

christmas wreath-red-white

Decorate the bedroom for Christmas and enjoy the flair of the party there

Christmas table-in-brown-and-green

Decorate the Christmas table in brown and green in a stylish winter accent


Purple and silver can be mated well and make a sophisticated table decoration

trees and white-in-pot christmas wreath-

Exalted and so magnificently decorated, the fireplace is a great eye-catcher!


Introduce some winter cold into the house and still feel warm and comfortable

christmas tree-adorned Lanterns

Decorate in white and red and add some green accents! There you can be sure of your success!

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