Beautiful DIY Ideas: Make a Winter Scented Potpourri

Beautiful DIY Ideas: Make a Winter Scented Potpourri

Many people have more free time in the cold months and stay home more often. Now, the anticipation of Christmas is so great that everyone strives to give their home more charm and warmth. That's exactly what our article is about today. We want to show you great DIY ideas for your own natural potpourri, which you can easily imitate yourself at home. Let your creativity run free and get started! As a source of flavor or a small gift, you could always use such a thing!

orange slices-zimtstabchen-tap-mixed

Enjoy the typical winter scents of home-apple, orange and cinnamon!

At this time of the year it is easy to find beautiful pine cones in different shapes. Combine these with an apple, an orange, star anise and cinnamon to give your home the aroma of a cake baking in the oven on a chilly evening.


How does the winter smell? For apples, oranges, cinnamon and pine cones!

Necessary materials:
1 apple
1 orange
baking sheet
baking paper
About 20 cones
1 cup star anise pods
½ cup cinnamon sticks chopped

apple-orange-in-slices cut-

Slice the apple and orange!


Let the fruit slices dry for one day

2. The next day place the slices on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Bake at 110 degrees Celsius for three to four hours.


Then bake the fruit slices in the oven!

3. Turn off the oven and allow the fruit slices to cool.

orange slice-cake-baking paper to cool-

So the orange slices must look like after baking.

When they have dried, they look exactly as shown in the picture.

tap-fruit slices-anise-teller

Arrange then all the necessary products on a plate!

4. On a large plate, then mix the fruit slices with the pine cones, star anise and cinnamon.


Enjoy this fragrance!

The result looks stunning and the scent makes every corner of the house cozy. From time to time mix the potpourri to give it a better flavor.

Tip: You can put your potpourri in a jar and make it a special gift with a jute ribbon.

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