Beautiful bath plants transform the bathroom into a wellness oasis

Beautiful bath plants transform the bathroom into a wellness oasis

The modern bathroom is no longer just a place for personal hygiene. The modern man has set new, naturally higher standards and constantly strives to transform this important space into an oasis of relaxation and absolute relaxation. Of the bathroom design Everything from the equipment to the room decoration has to be stylish, comfortable and very practical. There is a design element that is often underestimated Plants in the bathroom ! That is exactly what we want to focus on today. We'll show you six of the best and most popular bath plants that grow and thrive well in high humidity and low brightness. The plants in the bathroom are little green highlights there and please your eyes and soul when you enter this room. In addition, they ensure a significantly better indoor climate and contribute so much that you turn your bathroom into a real oasis of well-being.


Thanks to beautiful green bath plants your good mood rises in the morning while showering

Before you start greening your bathroom, you need to assess the lighting conditions there. It is well known to all, without light no plant comes out. If you do not have a window in the bathroom at all, or if you do not get enough daylight, you need to think about an artificial plant lighting and thus create suitable conditions for the prosperity of the bath plants.

Here we have to say it right away: there is Badpflanzen, which thrive well in the dark, and these are the shoemaker palm and the leaf.

1_The-shoemaker palm

The shoemaker's palm does not need much light, so it can be a great highlight in a dark corner of your bathroom!

Typical bath plants: the Schusterpalme (Aspidistra)

Aspidistra elatior, we also call the cobbler's plant. It is still known as a butcher's palm and popular under the name Schildblume, Schildnarbe or Eisenpflanze. One thing is certain though - this is a sturdy houseplant that thrives in the dark corners of the bathroom. The Schusterpalme is absolutely undemanding and easy to clean. Its magnificent green leaves reach a height of 50 to 70 cm and adorn every shady or partially shaded spot in your home. In the bathroom, it grows great, because it does not need much water. When casting, however, you must avoid waterlogging. The potting soil must have an acidic pH (5.5-6.5) and the flower must be repotted every 4 to 5 years. Fertilize once every 2 weeks with palm fertilizer and enjoy the lush green leaves of the shoemaker's palm in the bath!

2_The-shoemaker palm

The green leaves of the Schusterpalme perfectly decorate the bathroom and attract all eyes


The single leaf thrives wonderfully in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. It refreshes the air everywhere and makes a good shape

Typical bath plants: The single leaf (Spathiphyllum)

In the dark or low-light bath, the leaf (Spathiphyllum) can thrive well and even show its beautiful, very delicate white flowers. The Spathiphyllum needs little light, which makes it ideal for dark baths. It likes high humidity and is undoubtedly the perfect bath plant. The single leaf is also known by the name Scheidenblatt, Blattfahne, Friedenslilie. The leaf grows up to 80 cm in height, has magnificent green leaves and white flowers. As already mentioned, the Spythiphyllum grows wonderfully in shady places, direct sunlight is detrimental to this flower. The single sheet is definitely easy to clean, also suitable for beginners. However, there are over 50 - 60 Spathiphyllum species, which originate in principle from the subtropical Pacific coast of America. The single leaf needs potting soil with an acidic pH (5-6) and must be transplanted every spring until the leaves reach 20 cm. The high humidity in the bath is just right for this flower, with the casting of course you have to be attentive.


The single leaf is the perfect houseplant, as it is easy to care for, but always pleases us with its green leaves.

If you have a bright and warm, sunlit bathroom, we can recommend you other bath plants. First up in this list is the window sheet.


You do not need a green thumb at Monstera Deliciosa

The window sheet ( Monstera Deliciosa )

The Monstera Deliciosa or the window leaf is extremely easy to maintain, the plant can grow in good conditions 2.5 m high. It needs a lot of daylight, but does not like the direct sun. The Monstera Deliciosa usually has magnificent green leaves that can grow up to 1 meter long. This bath plant is resistant and despite the heat and moisture in the bath. Pour moderately and fertilize once every two weeks. Then you have a noble eye-catcher in the bathroom!


Everywhere is the window leaf with its long green leaves a noble eye-catcher!

2_The-arc hemp-guzmania

Do you also have a Guzmania in the bathroom?

Guzmania is one of the most popular bath plants

Who wants to bring a noble flair to the bathroom, can get a Guzmania. This bath plant belongs to the Bromeliad family and will undoubtedly decorate your bathroom with its shiny green leaves. But the most beautiful is the Guzmania flower, which really looks impressive. The petals are white, yellow, orange or reddish colored, very irritating, but unfortunately short-lived. This bath plant likes high temperatures and humidity, so it feels very comfortable in the bathroom. Water moderately, fertilize once every 14 days and protect against pests - these are the right care tips for the beautiful Guzmania in the bathroom!

1_der-arc hemp-guzmania

The Guzmania decorates your bathroom with its flowers

Every time you enter a bathroom decorated with greenery, you will not only feel happy, but even happy. The greenery in the bathroom brings us good mood and gives us the perfect start to the day. The bathing plants that provide the best are Bogenhanf and Efeutute. They are the classics in green plants for the bathroom!

The bow hemp (Sansevieria)


The undisputed easy-care beauty in the bathroom

The Sansevieria is also known as bow hemp. This is a robust and very easy-care plant. The Sansevieria is currently gaining new pluses. It needs little water, thrives well even in the shade, cleans the air and brings a large dose of exoticism into the bathroom. It still has an important advantage, the bow hemp grows in height and is therefore very space-saving. He also fits in the small bathroom. Even the multiplication should not be a problem. Plus, you do not need to repot the bow hemp, which makes this bath plant ideal for people who do not have a green thumb.


A decorative eye-catcher in the bathroom of Bogenhanf brings a great dose of exoticism into the bathroom


The bow hemp is a popular houseplant for the Germans, it fits in the bathroom

And the last bath plant we want to introduce to you today is the Efeutute.

The effigies ( Epipremnum pinnatum)


A permanent guest in the bathroom, which provides perfect for the green space

An often seen roommate in the bathroom is the Efeutute. She likes a shady location where no direct sun comes in. Originally the plant comes from the Asian forests, but has long been very popular in Europe. It impresses with its beautifully shaped leaves, which are speckled white or light green. The ivy turkey develops long shoots on which the green leaves grow. It looks gorgeous on the bathroom floor, also on a shelf or on the windowsill, and hanging from a hanging basket is an absolute eye-catcher. Our advice is to spray the leaves with water often, which increases the humidity. This is good for this bath plant, because it needs a constantly moist substrate. But once a week, that's enough. The Efeutute is easy to clean, it just needs a little more space to grow. Ensure the right conditions and you will have a wonderful eye-catcher in your own bathroom!


The Efeutute can be used in many places

Which bath plant did you like the most? Do you want to decorate your own bathroom?


The flower basket in the bathroom is the absolute highlight there

3_The-shoemaker palm

A cobbler's palm is a must in modern bathrooms today!


The window leaf can be combined with other houseplants, here with a dragon tree (Dracaena)

3_der-arc hemp-guzmania

The Guzmania presents us with a lot of beauty its magnificent flowers are in white, sun yellow and even in violet colored

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