Autumn decoration at home

Autumn decoration at home

Autumn is here and impresses us with the new with beautiful colors and shapes. Like no other season, autumn offers us almost unlimited scope for decorating your home and letting the autumnal mood flow through all the rooms. We show you how to do that right away!

autumnal-decorated-dining table-in-free-invites-the-romantic-dinner-a

Festively decorated table in the typical autumn colors invites you to a romantic dinner

The new color trends this fall

autumn decoration-home-with-kurbissen-and-candles

Green and all shades of red are in great demand this autumn

Usually we decorate our four walls this season in the autumnal color palette and like to put various gifts of nature on display. From white to orange and red to maroon, all shades are always in demand in fall decoration. For Halloween, black and yellow also mix in intensely. But now, according to stylists and interior designers, two shades conquer the interior and are the new trend colors 2016 - these are green and red! They can be used almost anywhere - on seating, curtains and curtains, decorative cushions, etc. Green houseplants are now stealing the show, as they are an inseparable part of any modern room design and will be even more prominent this fall. Try decorating to enforce these new color trends.

Autumn decoration at home

Autumn flowers must be there in the fall decoration inside and outside!

The gifts of nature are the classic in autumn decoration at home

If you want to play it safe, then turn to the classic! At the autumn decoration at home, yellow pumpkins, acorns and chestnuts, colorful autumn leaves and branches, ripe berries and cones are as much in demand as they used to be. Thanks to their warm colors, they fill our home with a lot of warmth and cosiness and make it a pleasant, homely place. In addition, different, very impressive arrangements can be made with the gifts of nature and every good housewife knows it exactly and can only benefit from it. Deco fans can now bring nature home and enjoy the eye and soul with a great decorated ambience. Red flowers, berries and dried fruit stand side by side and look surprisingly good. Chestnuts, acorns and maple leaves adorn the dining table and pumpkins in a variety of colors decorate the entrance and the interior. To get more inspiration for your own fall decoration, look at our picture gallery and try to imitate some ideas at home. It's really worth it!

wooden boxes-full with-chestnut-oak-nuts-and-with-other-gave-of-nature

Chestnuts, acorns, nuts, red flowers - to arrange the gifts of nature in small wooden boxes

festively-decorated-dining table-in-interior

Pumpkins and candles decorate the dining table

Tiny pumpkin in wooden bucket on table

Orange pumpkins make up the fall decoration

Halloween decoration as part of autumn design indoors


Black spiders on white candles - that's not a scary picture, is it?

je-decorate as Halloween the-flowerpots-

Spice up your flower pots with orange-colored pumpkin pancakes!

We all notice it quite clearly - Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Germany every year. The horror festival does not necessarily breathe fear and anxiety, it can bring a lot of fun for young and old and turn into a great family celebration. To this end, you can decorate your home accordingly and integrate character-strong Halloween touches. Just go away from the dark colors and try to make your Halloween decoration for home and garden as possible in lighter shades. You may think that will not work? But, we show you in our example pictures, that this is quite possible. The Halloween decoration must finally be inviting and funny, is not it? Subtle scary elements can be there, such as skeletons, cobwebs, mice and bats, but the accent may not lie on it. Hollowed and carved pumpkins in all sorts of colors - from white to orange to green you can place outside in front of the house entrance and put it on the dining table inside. The Boo sign and the Jack O 'lantern must not be missed, because what would Halloween be without such decoration? Let your imagination run free and decorate your home best to your heart's content. The final results would certainly surprise you! Have fun and good luck from the Trendomat editors!


Pumpkins with cobwebs decorate the house entrance

Hollowed out and in grotesquely carved pumpkins belong to the classic Halloween decoration

autumn decoration-with-a-Grosen-pumpkin-lanterns-and-ripe-fruit

Fruit and lanterns can be mated well

gorgeous-terraces-with-leisurely-touches-comfortable-rattan-chair-and-candles-on-the-table-wrought iron off

Make yourself comfortable on the balcony!

Read cozy-a-book-

Or do you prefer to read a book comfortably at home?

Do you like to drink cider with cinnamon sticks?

autumn decoration-for-the-vintage-kitchen-in-turquoise-and-orange

It may be very colorful! Blue basket filled with autumn decoration!

From an apple you can make a great candle holder

different-autumnal-deco-elements-to-the-point-regal-in-living room

Decorate your home discreetly and stylishly

Halloween table decoration

The warm autumn colors and the typical decoration stimulate the appetite

When the weather is fine you can decorate the dining table outside and admire the beauty of autumn

Halloween table decoration-with-pumpkin

The warm autumn colors and the typical autumn decoration spread a happy atmosphere through every home

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