Art on the bedroom wall?

Art on the bedroom wall?

The four walls of our bedroom should receive as much attention as the living room walls. In our retreat, we often prefer to reduce the wall design to a minimum in order to be able to "switch off" better. As a complement to the neutral wall paint, a fitting, artistic picture could actually be hung. We show you creatively designed living examples in a broad color spectrum:

So that the morning starts full of mood, you should like the selected picture well, not necessarily follow the respective fashion. However: less is more! The choice can be difficult, because there are more varieties in the variants than ever before: An abstract picture makes the atmosphere seem more exciting, while a flower picture gives the hobby gardener pleasure. There are landscapes for the nature lovers and chic wall tattoos is set as a temporary wall design. Very popular are the murals with sayings that make a real statement in the interior.

The trend color gray is found in many modern room designs. We have written about the wall in concrete look, which conquered many hearts with minimalist look and cool elegance again this year. From light to dark gray, the nuances are restrained, elegant and cool.

Bedroom wall decoration abstract picture

Abstract art looks especially beautiful in the elegantly furnished room

Abstract canvas picture earth tones bedroom

The bedroom in earth tones is enhanced by the canvas image with golden splashes of color

Another advantage is that the gray background fits every imaginable color. Framed pictures in light or dark shades, black and white or bright red, there are no limits to creativity here.

Artistically colored painting bedroom

Bring rich colors into the monochrome bedroom through the framed picture

The geometric patterns are lately high in the race. Diamond and stripe patterns dominate the wall designs in the living room as well as in the bedroom. The clear patterns help us focus and cheer up better in the morning. In the evening, they also contribute to well-being. Just like the straightforward, graphic forms, one tries to arrange one's own thoughts before falling asleep.

Wall decal geometric pattern burgundy

Cheap walls? The wall tattoos are fast solutions and easy to handle

In our digitized world, it often happens that you find the right picture on a website, find it in high-resolution format and have it printed out. A picture frame in the desired look and voila - the attractive touch is here!

Wall decoration bedroom flowers mirror frame

Pretty yellow flower photos bring a cozy atmosphere in the otherwise sober room

Hand-painted pictures or minimalist ones have a positive effect in the small bedroom, as they cleverly divert attention from the large spaces. Usually, white, cream or powder shades are used as wall paints to create more airiness.

Hand painted cartoon bedroom wall design

With the help of individual wall design even small bedrooms come into their own

Driftwood decor bedroom unique

Do you achieve a unique design? Wall decoration with driftwood refreshes the maritime style

Wall decoration pictures sayings bedroom

Statements and sayings now find their place in the bedroom

Many design options are available. Find your favorite style among our photo samples and bring fresh air into your home design!

Picture chic bedroom yellow pink

Strong pink, yellow and gray colors bring the required individuality into the ambience

Framed pictures Flowers illustrations

Flower pictures go well with the traditional bedroom

Landscape images tinted white beige

Landscape pictures are among the most popular wall ornaments at all

Bedroom wall frame picture orange red

With a picture in warm nuances the sleeping area visually framed

Art bedroom bold colors

Great effect in the bedroom produce the bright colors

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