All you need is love - and enough storage space

All you need is love - and enough storage space

Today we start a different way and with a scientific fact. It has been proven that our productive balance and overall well-being are largely dependent on the harmonious living environment and thus the well-ordered household. It can happen that one loses the overview and suddenly comes across numerous shoe pairs in the hallway or on here and thrown clothes in the bedroom. In the common living room, the disorder is often due. Today we therefore talk about cleverly thought-out storage options - even those for the small living space. Now look at these organization helpers.

With such a wall shelf you have found a real hit. The shelving system ensures a functional storage space and a great design. Unique designer wall shelves like this accommodate as much living accessories as a whole bookshelf. The icing on the cake are the individual modules, which can be combined with each other as desired.

The innovative shelving system can always be redesigned thanks to the comb-shaped milling cut-in. Designer shelving system put together shelf space order

The innovative shelving system can always be redesigned thanks to the comb-shaped cut-outs

A certain place for the family notes and correspondence shows order at the highest level. A simple magnetic board makes it easy. Hang your post or Christmas cards on it and create a good mood in the ambience. So you never miss something important!

Hang your notes, photos or shopping list on a popular and useful memo board memo magnetic board sheet steel

Hang your notes, photos or grocery list on a useful memo board

Our next designer idea is for apartments with small corridors. If you already have no room for a large wardrobe, you could put on beautiful designer wall hooks or buttons. The variant on our photo shows that the wall hooks are adjusted to the rest of the interior. Another advantage is the own design of these home accessories. Thus, you will be able to decorate the hall individually and have your jackets and coats always at hand.

The walls could easily hang clothes with individually arranged wall hook coat hooks entrance area nursery

The walls could easily be designed with individually arranged wall hooks

Does not the design of this bedroom look fantastic? With the compact wardrobe mirror, even long clothes can be easily hung up. The other accessories stand on a shelf in front of the man-high mirror, which, by the way, visually enlarges your space.

The mobile functionality and the straightforward design-Trendy wardrobe mirror oak counter space bedroom

The mobile functionality and the straightforward design

The sturdy frame made of oak wood in a modern design can be easily adapted to the interior.
The storage boxes, wooden boxes and chests are fully in line with the trend. The natural oak wood provides a structured and cozy look.
As you can see, the small chest offers enough space for books, magazines, even shoes and can be stacked to serve as a side table.
The different lids in funny colors give the chest a playful touch and make it suitable for the nursery.

Chest as a piece of jewelery with noble processing and fresh color storage chest metal sliding cover solid wood

Chest as a piece of jewelery with noble workmanship and in fresh colors

Such a bench in restrained black with storage space can only be desired. The unusual design together with the simple clothes rail gives the hall a timeless elegance.

Simple wooden bench made of teak and oak with elegant, nostalgic look-storage room hallway seat and storage

Simple wooden bench in teak and oak wood with an elegant, nostalgic look

The storage space under the wooden bench can be used with the help of storage boxes in the same colors and still remain pretty invisible.
This eye-catching hand-held wall mount can hold not only (cook) books and keys, but also cell phones, iPads or Kindle. Incidentally, he is with his designer look equal to the topic of conversation.

Creative holder for books technique and pocket money designer wall hook home accessories

Creative holder for books, technology and pocket money

We have unimaginable and stylish storage options presented, because these functional organization helpers are always highly appreciated in the household. Do you already have a favorite among them? We are happy to hear from you.

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