Accessories for indoors and outdoors

Accessories for indoors and outdoors

All the things that surround us daily should be chosen with the utmost love and care so that they can give us pleasure and enjoyment for a long time. Home accessories are what beautify our home. A house is built only once, creating a cozy home every day! In the selection of home accessories everything is allowed, which corresponds to the own taste. The market offers a whole range of beautiful, small items that can bring style and coziness to any home with an unadulterated ease. And they should not necessarily be expensive to radiate attractiveness and style in your own home. Today you will find photos in our picture gallery, which will inspire you through the eternal love of detail, because in most cases it is exactly the small things that give us much pleasure and bring more meaning into everyday life.

Artfully arranged

The careful combination of different materials creates extraordinary contrasts in the home decoration. The easiest way to achieve this is through vases for fresh flowers made of ceramic, stone or glass placed on floors, tables, shelves or pedestals made of light or dark wood, depending on the circumstances at home.

Vase and bowl of ceramic home accessories

Ceramic vase and bowl

Asian feeling through home decoration with bamboo vase home accessories

Asian feeling through home decoration with bamboo vase

simple, stylish vases from ceramic home accessories

simple, stylish ceramic vases

white wood and ceramics harmonize with each other-home accessories

white wood and ceramics harmonize with each other

Designer vases as stylish eye-catcher home accessories

Welcome in a nice way

Is not it beautiful to greet all guests with this message ?! The welcome sign can be hung on the front door as well as on the garden gate and thus receive your guests in a nice, nice way. There are many such "welcome" signs on the market. If you are creative, you could also make it yourself.

Welcome sign you can also make yourself-home accessories

Welcome sign you can also make yourself

Welcome sign in Shabby Chic style home accessories

Welcome sign in shabby chic style

Fancy fine linen

Fine linen is always a treat for the eye. Bright pastel colors, floral prints and light textures invite you to dream. With their fresh nuances they set easily homely and harmonious accents. With high-quality fabrics can be achieved quickly and easily a lot of coziness at home.

Fine linen for the bedroom-Wohnaccessoires

Fine linen for the bedroom

Cotton bed linen with floral prints makes good mood home accessories

Cotton bed linen with floral prints is in a good mood

gentle bedtime story home accessories

gentle bedtime stories

Create coziness with fabrics-home accessories

Create coziness with fabrics

Dreaming with delicate color home accessories

Dreaming with delicate colors

Like from old times

Romantics will simply love these unusual decoration objects. The tailor's busts remind of bygone days with their old-fashioned, discreet charm and go well with any vintage or shabby chic interior. They spread a very feminine flair and memorize well in every living room and bedroom as well as in hallway next to the mirror perfectly.

Tailoring bust as a decorative object in Shabby Chic style home accessories

Tailoring bust as a decorative object in shabby chic style

Tailoring bust made of metal as a decoration in the Shabby Chic room home accessories

Tailoring bust made of metal as a decoration in a shabby chic ambience

Tailoring bust made of metal stylish with fresh flowers decorating home accessories

Decorate the tailor's bust made of metal stylishly with fresh blossoms

Inspire baskets

There are so many beautiful little baskets that are timeless and elegant at the same time, and also very practical, because they contain many things such as letters, newspapers, table linen, keys or cutlery and are always at hand. Even fruits and vegetables are quickly transformed into such a fairy-tale decoration not only in the kitchen, but also on the terrace or in the living room. There are baskets made of different materials on the market - metal baskets, knitted baskets, wicker baskets and modern felt baskets.

Knitting basket for fruit home accessories

Knitting basket for the fruit

Wicker basket as decoration-home accessories

Wicker basket as a decoration

Wicker basket as kitchen decoration home accessories

Wicker basket as a kitchen decoration

Metal baskets with fabric cover home accessories

Baskets of metal with fabric cover

Baskets of felt in the living room-living accessories

Felt baskets in the living room

Stylishly presented

Have you ever thought of choosing an extraordinary, but very elegant and striking decoration for the wall in your bedroom or living room ?! A wall decoration that provides a fine, Far Eastern atmosphere and will be a real eye-catcher in the room ?! We are talking about subjects as wall decoration. With these you can decorate white walls beautifully. However, the wall fans should be much larger than the known hand fans to achieve the desired decoration effect.

Fan as wall decoration-home accessories

Fan as wall decoration

Wall fans as decoration in the bedroom-living accessories

Wall fan as decoration in the bedroom


Perfect "shielded"! So you can stay long on the beautiful terrace, on the cozy balcony or in the magnificent garden even at high temperatures and strong sunlight and spend relaxed time with family and friends.

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