About the orchids

About the orchids

These petite houseplants impress us again and again with their infinite, multi-faceted beauty. Their flowers always look adorable, but many people think orchids are hard to care for. Today we want to tell you some tips that explain the special features of their care.

cultivate beautiful orchids

Colorful orchids develop beautifully as a result of proper care

First of all, you have to be careful when buying. Any spots or spots on the leaves may indicate disease of the plant.
For starters, the moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) would be the right choice. There are countless color variations that bloom with proper care almost all year round. Often one offers withered orchids at low prices. This factor should not bother you, the plant will soon charm you again with magnificent flowers.

Care plants Orchids types

The repotting takes place once every 2-3 years

The large family of orchid plants is divided into several subfamilies. The most important ones are:
Monopodial - these include Phalaenopsis, Vanda and Angraecum

The orchids are often given-orchid species

The orchids are welcome as gifts

Sympodial - these include Cattleya, Kahn Orchids, Dendrobium, Pansy Orchids, Oncidium and Lady's Slipper.
The orchids have to be repotted every 2-3 years, when they have faded or after their rest period. Often you have to repot them after purchase, because in high humidity, the roots can rot. By the way, your orchid should be in a small container because it will flower more often.

Care Tips Pour orchids

In winter you have to water the orchids every 14 days

When repotting:
The roots are very delicate and filigree. A few hours before repotting the orchid is poured plenty of. Then keep the intertwined roots under warm water until the soil is wiped off. Rotted roots are removed.
Cover the new vessel with small stones as a foundation. Thereafter, flowerpot soil is added. Place the roots of the plant and cover with soil. Spray only for a few days, do not pour.

Houseplant exotic orchid bestseller

In transparent glass vessels, the orchids feel comfortable

Watering the orchids with warm, lime-free water depends on the exact nature of the plant and the room temperature. The species Phalaenopsis is native to the tropical rainforests, so you should often water this orchid. Cattleya, on the other hand, needs dehydration from time to time.
If you are not sure how much water your plant needs, spray it with water instead. The over-pouring can be fatal.

Indoor Plants Window Sill Mini Orchid

No big demands, just high humidity and a bright, warm location

The orchids are among the most popular indoor plants. Prove it too, by skillfully taking care of your beautiful orchids!

Houseplants orchid care

In full bloom, they look magical

Houseplant orchid

Classic for the windowsill in winter

Alignment well-orchids care

Otchids are always charming in their beauty

Indoor Plants Gift Living Ideas Living Room

Pink orchid is the favorite plant of many Germans

Orchid white yellow Phalaenopsis

Select special planters for orchids

Orchids vascular transparent

Room orchids like bright places, but no direct sunlight

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