A waterfall of flowers

A waterfall of flowers

Already in April it starts: Thousands of small, lavender blue flowers transform the pergola, terraces and balconies into a heavenly sensation. It is like a fairytale sea of ​​delicate flowers, in dreamy color and with a heavenly scent. It is the popular wisteria, also called wisteria For such a climbing plant is probably always place in one Fragrant garden, or? Let yourself be seduced by the wonderful blue rain! It would be wonderful if the wisteria does not line up far from your house, for example right in front of the window, because its many small butterfly blossoms smell lovely, touch our senses and thus provide more relaxation and well-being in everyday life.

Wisteria floribunda

Wisteria floribunda - Japanese wisteria

Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria sinensis - Chinese Wisteria

The blue rain has been known in Asian garden art for centuries. There are two main types - Wisteria sinensis (Chinese Wisteria) and Wisteria floribunda (Japanese Wisteria). Both species have the same requirements in terms of care, but differ in some of their properties. Thus, the Japanese blue worm winds in a clockwise direction, while the branches of its Chinese relatives loop in the opposite direction around wires, fences and pergolas. Another difference lies in the slightly different flowering times. The Chinese Wisteria flowers from the end of April to June and before its leaves appear. The Japanese Wisteria flowers a little later from May to June with particularly long flower clusters.


Blue rain - as in a fairytale

As climbing plants, the two varieties are very popular due to their abundance of flowers, vigor, health and long foliage adhesion. If you take good care of them, the two varieties of the Blauregens even thrive in large pots.

Blue rain in the fragrance garden deco blossoms

Blue rain in the fragrance garden

Plant pergola with wisteria planting deco flowers

Plant the pergola with blue rain

But you should definitely keep a few things in mind, because the blue rain requires intensive care. It has to be cut constantly, so that it grows evenly and the climbing plants do not proliferate too wildly. In addition, it produces a lot of wood and leaf mass and develop so over time too high a weight. For this reason, one should make a foresighted planning when planting the blue gene in the garden. The scaffolding or pergola should therefore be very stable and of high quality so as not to collapse over the years under the increasing weight of the climbing plants. Rainpipes are completely unsuitable because the blue rain can squeeze and destroy them.

Blue rain in its full splendor

The location should be sunny to partially shaded, the soil is nutrient-rich, acidic to neutral and permeable. Alkaline soil is not suitable, because yellow leaves can then arise. Since the blue rain is flat-root, it needs a lot of water and should be watered regularly.

Blue rain on the window enjoying-deco flowers

Enjoy wisteria at the window

In the specialist trade, blue rain is offered in many flower colors. The palette ranges from white to pink and delicate lavender blue to strong violet. You should only decide which color fits best in your garden. And of course, if you only want to buy one or more plants!

Wisteria as a photo wallpaper in the kitchen decoration flowers

Blue rain as a photo wallpaper in the kitchen

Wisteria as bonsai deco flowers

Wisteria as bonsai

Wisteria white-deco flowers

White wisteria knows

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