A kitchen dream in white

A kitchen dream in white

The kitchen in white? Yes, that's my dream!

The idea of ​​a kitchen completely white could evoke images of sparse, Spartan-themed rooms, and even evoke associations with cold. This would not be the case if you know how to combine white properly.

Brilliant, bright white kitchens offer beautiful countertops, sleek lighting and sophisticated storage solutions, and provide plenty of working space. The white in itself has the property of making surfaces and rooms appear wide, wide and pure. For this reason, the right shade of white can make small rooms look bigger, which is very convenient for small homes.

A room with lots of white surfaces also brings a sense of calm and serenity. However, so that the white surfaces do not produce the feeling of coldness, they are either combined with natural wood or discreetly put warm shades and interesting accessories in certain places that bring a lot of character and charm with them. A good example of this is the leading country house style, where the white walls and ceilings make a chic contrast to the rustic wooden beams. The result is a noble living environment that provides much joy, well-being and harmony.

Take a look at the next pictures and get some good ideas for the design of your kitchen.

Spacious kitchen equipment in white

Do the wooden beams on the ceiling immediately catch your eye?

This is an example of a spacious white kitchen unit, combined with warm natural wood found in the kitchen counter, worktop and ceiling beams. Things from the kitchen equipment such as fruit bowls, wooden board, flower vases and pictures set subtle accents and draw attention to themselves.

Black wall shelves

The built-in shelves in black contrast with the white surfaces of the kitchen.

The installation shelves in black house kitchen appliances and accessories, so that everything can look nicely tidy. They contrast with the white surfaces of the kitchen. The open French doors allow the view to slide freely into the sunny garden.

Black kitchen cabinets White work surfaces white walls

In this contrasting kitchen, the predominance of black, and thus the white walls and the white surfaces of the worktops are targeted.

Minimalist white kitchen sink

Minimalist white kitchen with sink, light marble and flowerpot with angelica.

Large kitchen furniture white cabinets

Large kitchen with white cabinets, countertop, extractor hood and pink carpet. Light blue wall tiles correspond with the blue in the picture.

Country-style kitchen is created by beautiful white kitchen island

Bright white kitchen with smooth, free surfaces, with dazzling white kitchen cabinets and a shiny white work surface a dream for anyone who needs a lot of space for movement and rest. Warm shades of paint give the bowl of colorful fruits, the yellow designer chair in the background and the vase with the tulips.

kitchen furniture white high gloss

The view into this snow-covered kitchen is attracted by the huge extractor hood, the brown kitchen cabinet with white accessories and the white vase of snowflakes. This winter fairytale seems to sleep under the pure white blanket, waiting for someone to wake it up.

Kitchen design minimalist

Beautiful, graphic black and white design in the cooking area of ​​a divided modern kitchen interior in a minimalist style with a black designer bar stool on the parquet floor.


Small kitchen equipment in pearl white. Although the space is quite small, it looks wide enough and cozy by the white color.

White kitchens on trend

This small and narrow kitchen area serves primarily the food preparation. Thanks to the white color, it radiates a pleasant mood.

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