9 smart tips for a well-organized and functional home office

9 smart tips for a well-organized and functional home office

The good organization of the work corner is a very important requirement for optimum productivity when working from home. In other words, the usual domestic distraction, along with the typical office clutter, can leave you dizzy with no energy or enthusiasm. The trick to effectively organize your workspace is actually very simple and easy to do - you should organize a specific space for all the things you need in the home office, and bring all the utensils to their assigned locations after use. If you keep your home office in top condition, it will certainly look more beautiful and comfortable. This will improve your concentration and work productivity. If you want to cope with the organization of your home office, read our smart tips on.

A filing system for your papers is a must in the home office

Home Office Idea filing system in white black wheelchair

Storage system in white makes the room look more spacious

Very often one works with many papers, documents or books. Often they lie on the desk because they want to have them always at hand. Often we have many important tasks to do, we should have everything at hand, the necessary should always be in the immediate vicinity. Cleaning up is not always our first priority. For this reason, we recommend that you think of a filing system. You need wide shelves and ample standing collectors and storage boxes that you should label accordingly. Sacrifice a few hours of your free time on the weekend and staple all your papers and books in the folders. So your new work week starts in a well-organized and enjoyable home office, where you can easily focus. It should become your habit that all documents should be returned in the appropriate boxes. This way, you do not need much time to organize and no clutter or paperwork will dispel your work process.

A great clever idea for your books and magazines

Wall decoration from hangers and magazines home office tips

The magazines turn into great decorations on the wall

Many of us have their favorite magazines and books, which we often keep in the home office. If the shelves and storage boxes are hardly enough for the work documents, you could use a free wall where shelves can not be mounted. Put some wire hangers on the wall and hang up the last numbers of your favorite magazines. , Take into account the colors in the interior and color the temples match or leave the metal-colored pieces unpainted. So you create a great and modern look of your home office and will certainly avoid large heaps of paper on the desk.

Clean up every day

black wall in the home office white desk drawers furnishing ideas

For a well-organized home office, you need enough shelves, drawers, and cabinets

Everyone likes to quit, especially when working from home. Often, we feel very tired to fix the desk and engage in more enjoyable activities. The next day we enter the messy office and start the day with boring tidying up. The first hours of the working day are very important for productivity and it is not worth losing valuable time at all. Daily cleaning up in the home office should become routine. This will not cost you more than 5-10 minutes after the working day.

Inspiring wall decos

Desk of Ikea drawers in white wall design bricks

Great wall decors create an inspiring atmosphere in the workplace

Do not leave the walls clear, but at the same time they must not be overloaded. Create a creative and personal e atmosphere with beautiful pictures or inspirational tricks. On the wall you can hang unique decorations to your taste, to spice up the ambience. This will help you feel comfortable in the home office and improve your productivity.

Wall shelves are the best storage space

Shelving wall shelf Home Office functional design tips

A foldable desk can be integrated into the shelving system, which saves you a lot of space in any case

In each office, the storage space is scarce, in the home office too. Over the years, you collect a variety of documents that you can not throw away or want. For this reason, we strongly advise you to set up a wall in your home office with wall shelves. Arrange the documents you do not need very often on the bottom or top shelves. Find space for some artwork or houseplants, giving your office a stylish look.

The good organization is the key to the best order

Bookshelves arrange home office

The best order for your numerous books would be to sort them alphabetically

Organize your books, CDs and DVDs alphabetically or in a different order. This way, your work corner looks organized and you will always find what you need very quickly. When filing your files, always arrange them by date and take a new folder or folder for each year. You prefer to store the archived papers in cabinets with doors, and on the open shelves you can arrange everything that you use intensively every day.

The right light is a must in every home office

Table Lamp Home Office Dresser in White Wall Deco Ideas

The right light is a must in every home office

A properly functional home office must not have dark corners. Get table lamps or a floor lamp and carefully position the light sources. While writing, your body should not cast a shadow on the desk. Our eyes get tired quickly and gradually you lose your concentration. And if you work mostly in the evening, buy lamps whose light resembles daylight to make you feel awake.

Stage the black board

Blackboard Home Office Office Organization Wandredale

The black board in the home office is not only stylish and trendy, but also very functional

Many people make notes of all kinds on small sheets of paper and very often lie the small pieces of paper for weeks on the desk. A creative and trendy solution for the numerous souvenir notes would be the black board in the home office. Turn the wall behind your desk into a huge black chalkboard where you can chalk your tasks and ideas. This is the best place for diagrams and project designs.

Clever solution for the working corner in the bedroom or living room

Cabinets above the desk in the home office white furniture

Create a cozy atmosphere in your home office with family pictures and popular items from your childhood

If you can not use a separate room for your home office at home, your workplace is probably in the bedroom or living room. When furnishing, you should consider the interior design, but often open shelves do not fit the style of the rest of the room. In this way, you have limited storage space and every inch on the wall is important. Keep your peace! We have the right solution for you. Mount hanging cabinets above the desk. If you adapt the doors of the cabinets to the furniture in the room, your home office does not look superfluous in the room.
We will be happy if you design an orderly and functional home office with our tips.

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