9 luxurious facilities that we can only admire

9 luxurious facilities that we can only admire

Who can not feel happy in such a house, ask yourself. You are right, because our environment largely determines our living conditions. Insufficient light, unfavorable color combinations, unsightly furniture design and superfluous accessories have an impact on our psyche and can negatively influence our lives.

Today we will show you 9 admirable facilities and give you some practical tips for the positive change of your interior.

Affordable Modern Triptych Apartment Canvas DIY Art

Modern triptych

The magical number three finds its way into the interior: the 3-part images add elegance to the interior and have the look of designer pieces. For the picture, you would not necessarily have to dig deep into your pocket, as there are many websites where artists offer their pictures inexpensively. You could buy frames from Ikea.

Optically enlarge more light for the living room

More light in the living room - this visually enlarges the room

A large, carpet-covered area looks generous and enhances the look. Especially for the living room you want spaciousness, lots of light and airiness, which appear in the decor with the help of bright colors and wall mirrors.

But huge carpets cost a lot of money. Our tip: buy some smaller rugs and have them stitched together!

Less is more-reading corner bookshelf minimalist

Less is more - a bookcase in a minimalist style

With the minimalist style you hit the mark. Decorate your wall shelves with some selected accessories and eliminate the rest. In this way, the room will be neat and elegant.
The vases at different heights provide an additional effect, as do the decorative items made of metal and crystal.

Decorate accent wall with art piece-wall design crass accent

Decorate accent wall with tricks

Do you like to paint? Would you hang your painting in the living room? A wall decoration adds that certain something to the decor, even if you do not have high ceilings like this one.
Budget-friendly, you could get three screens and expressly paint on them. The canvas pictures will then look effective in the room. Gifted friends of you might be interested in creating something special for your home.

Textilwand Akzentwand Pictures budget-friendly

Dark colors for a slightly dramatic effect

Dramatic undertones look classy and attractive. Put on an interesting cladding of an accent wall and hang two large light-reflecting pictures in dark colors. Viola! They did a great job!

Living room beige sofa herringbone decoration cushion

Luxury look for little money

The beige and camel tones were always felt to be luxurious. Small accents such as a decorative herringbone cushion or a natural bedspread create a sophisticated overall look. The graphic patterns are real eye-catchers.

Bedroom cheap headboard black bedside lamp

Popping color accents in the bedroom

Ah! The surprise element should be mentioned at this point! Small decorative elements in bold colors are refreshing and trendy. Ikea is your partner for such affordable home accessories.

Floor-length curtains luxury living room

Effective views of the city are enhanced by beautiful curtains

Do you have a great view outside? Create a window decoration with pretty curtains that are darker than the wall color.

traditionally living room L-shaped

Eclectic furniture and similar colors

Eclectic does not mean chaotic. Just pick a color theme like this and do not hesitate to bring vintage items and furniture.

We have shown you our affordable design ideas for a relaxed home design. Now it's your turn.

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