9 Great ideas for more luxury in the bathroom

9 Great ideas for more luxury in the bathroom

Today we want to tell you some great ideas for the bathroom renovation. If you like them too and you want to use them at home, you would never regret their use. They are really modern and trendy!

If you do not have much space for the sink area in the bathroom and still want to make it new and modern, you must know in advance: here, small details and individual elements have very important importance. In this article, we are happy to show you how, with little money and creative inspiration, you can quickly create your own luxury corner in your bathroom. The renovation of this space is the best opportunity to create something magnificent and precious there. With the limited space of the bathroom, you can easily spend more on materials, as you will need smaller amounts of it.

Tiled wall as an accent in the bathroom

Vanity table Toillet table Sink modern Luxury wooden floor

Bright silver wall tiles go perfectly with the wood flooring

In such a small room you only need a little wall tiles. If you have a stable overall floor, you should put an accent on the walls. Now is the time to visit your local specialty store and choose the right tiles for a beautiful, custom accent wall in the bathroom.

metal elements

Vanity table Toillet table Sink modern Luxury brass tap marble

Brass tap - the dramatic accent in the bathroom

If you choose a brass faucet, you will create a new look that you will love. Think again: what would be better in your case? Bathroom faucet made of stainless steel or nickel? However, we advise you to take something more massive. A brass tap costs a bit more, but every euro is definitely worth it - so you get a strong, dramatic accent in the bathroom. Do not forget the drain! If your washbasin is mounted without a cabinet, the drain should fit the tap at all costs.


Washstand Toilletentable Washbasin modern Luxury Built-in shelf Bookcase

Built-in shelf with books - creative and convenient

Built-in shelves or shelves to your taste are probably just this storage option, what your bathroom needs. If you place this equipment in your bathroom, it looks visually larger. Use the redesigned space to traditional things such as toiletries, cosmetics, wipes u.a. or find a new location for your books, candles, designer items or indoor plants.


Washstand Toilletentable Washbasin modern Luxury shabby natural wood mirror

The shabby edges of the wood washstand make a great accent in the room

Your washstand should not necessarily be the traditional, white bathing cabinet. Try to think outside the usual frame and let your imagination and aesthetic sense run wild. Choose something that you always dreamed of. The trendy wood washstand with shabby edges here sets a great accent in the room.


Washstand Toilletent washbasin modern Luxury wallpaper flower print yellow white

Luxury wallpaper with floral pattern

Did you ever feel like wallpaper with floral patterns? In the small room you can experiment without fear. Try unusual wallpapers! These would certainly turn your washbasin area into a stylish luxury corner.


Vanity table Toillet table Sink modern luxury gray white wall light

The duo gray and white looks very modern

If you want to make a total renovation in the bathroom, make sure you choose chic floor tiles. Have no doubt and take the forms and patterns that you have always dreamed of. Everything else in the bathroom you should then adapt to the flooring


Washstand Toilletentable Washbasin Modern Luxury White Painting Mirror Roses

Undoubted eye-catchers here are both paintings, the cloth and the plants in the same color bring a cozy flair

Sometimes everything a room needs is an artweek or why not two? Even just a colorful piece creates a magnificent accent in the bathroom. Hang your favorite painting on the wall and bring fascination in a hitherto characterless bathroom.


Vanity table Toillet table Sink modern Luxury black wall Ornamental frame Mirror Sconce Wood

A mirror can be your drastic change in the bathroom. Especially if it is one of the few elements in the room, it really makes a big difference in the look of the bathroom. The ornamental frames are a nontraditional solution for the bathroom, but that's how you'll be outsmarted by the crowd.


Whether you choose a two-set wall sconce or a chandelier, you are right in both cases. Good lighting creates a chic and dramatic atmosphere in the bathroom.

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