8 wonderful IKEA hacks ideas: how to lend the simple furniture more luxury

8 wonderful IKEA hacks ideas: how to lend the simple furniture more luxury

The simple design IKEA furniture is popular throughout the world. And that's no coincidence - their modest Scandinavian-style look is ideal for writing into any ambience. But sometimes we want to bring more luxury into the interior and for a long time think about whether it really pays to invest in new pieces of furniture. You definitely do not need that. Today we will show you 8 wonderful IKEA Hacks ideas that will make your simple furniture look more valuable and expensive.

DIY Ikea Hacks Ideas Desk Renew Gold Colors

A simple home office with gold accents

Ikea Hacks Ideas Retro Floor Lamp in Gold

The replacement of the legs transforms the boring desk from IKEA into a high quality piece of furniture

white vase with gold dots Ikea Hacks ideas

The sympathetic golden dots transform the white vase into a modern decoration

The easiest way, de In order to lend a new, more luxurious look to a sofa, sofa or chair IKEA needs to be fitted with new legs on these pieces of furniture. Get new ones from the many construction or flea markets and replace the old legs. Or even easier - paint these furniture elements in trendy shades. Do not your furniture look different now?

Wall shelf Ikea hacks ideas wood strip

Living room in classic style

Ikea Hacks Ideen Wall shelf in white deco

The wooden ladder makes it easier for you to access something from the higher shelves. And she does not take up so much space in the room

D The IKEA floor-to-ceiling bookcase can easily turn into a high-end, luxurious accent in the room. Mount trim strips on the front and side as well and it will look like a fancy built-in shelf. An elegant wooden strip looks totally stylish and classic!

Shelving Ikea Hacks Ideas DIY

Before disguising the backs, place patterns on them to make sure you've selected the right color

If you do not have much time but want to spice up your IKEA bookshelf, we have the right solution for you! Dress the back of your piece of furniture with self-adhesive r foil or non-woven wallpaper in your favorite color. You will be amazed how your shelf and actually the whole atmosphere in the room was changed.

Ikea hacks ideas white dresser golden handles

Put simple metal-colored accents on the IKEA furniture and they will be very trendy

You've had your simple dresser for a long time and it's a boring element of the decor in your bedroom been? Replace the small handles with long pipe handles and their silhouette gets a more modern look. Take gold-, brass- or copper-colored handles for the monochrome dressers or white or black for the chest of drawers in wood shades.

Chest of drawers in white and gold DIY Ikea Hacks Ideas

Golden details go well with white or black furniture

Furniture-Tuning is fun and refreshes the atmosphere at home. The very simple Malm chest of drawers by IKEA looks exquisite and expensive with only a few golden elements - corner elements and retro handles. Decorate the simple drawer fronts in this way and in the room immediately a real and great eye-catcher!

Ikea hacks ideas deco bottle golden elements

The colored bottles are a great idea for your next party

A great deco idea for the living room or for the office are the glass bottles from IKEA, which can also serve as vases for cut flowers. Do you think ...? Find the transparent glass unattractive and boring? Then take a waterproof golden spray and give the small decorative pieces more luxury. Tape the border between the clear and stained area, sprinkle with the golden spray and enjoy your new, expensive-looking deco.

Bathroom Cabinet in Dark Blue Copper Ikea Hacks Ideas DIY

The combination of dark blue and copper is simply noble!

You can get the affordable furniture from IKEA Turn yourself into great designer pieces just by replacing the fronts and fitting. Elegant handles in copper shades bring more glamor into the room. Be brave, act bravely and opt for unusual fronts colors, such as a deep dark blue, to create a refined and stylish atmosphere.

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