8 tips for a well-lit kitchen

8 tips for a well-lit kitchen

Design seamlessly meets functionality in the well-designed kitchen. The good lighting in it ensures a stylish ambience and room depth. Do not you plan a major kitchen renovation? It does not matter, because with the right lighting fixture you can change the look of this room right away. It can be an LED light chain or a crystal chandelier. Mainly you can see the lighting as a mural: it can be affordable and still completely change the atmosphere.

If you get that wow effect for your own kitchen, read our 8 helpful tips:

LED light strips on the underside of the upper cabinet

Light bar under cabinet wall unit kitchen

LED recessed luminaires impress with simple elegance and warm light

The LED light strips are extremely bright and give off a warm light. For this reason, they are intended for places where much light is needed, e.g. on countertops. Because of their aluminum heat sink they have a great, slim look.

The installation is very easy: first, a bracket is screwed to the underside of the upper cabinet. Then the LED strips are attached long ago.

LED strip of light on the underside of the upper cabinet

Lighting kitchen LED strip

The intensity of LED lighting for the kitchen ranges from warm white to neutral white light

The compact, energy-saving LED lighting can be attached directly to the wall unit. In this way you have enough light on the countertops. LED strips are available in different lengths and can be connected together if necessary. In the end, every corner you want is well lit.

Decorative LED recessed lights

LED recessed pendant lights kitchen

The recessed lights can be used both as a basic lighting, as well as a dimmable feel-good light

These types of lights can be installed both flush and on-the-floor. In addition to their slim shape, they are characterized by a simple installation. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, they offer both high quality, as well as longevity.

pendant lights

Lighting fixture Kitchen Pendant lights Cabinet lighting

Modern pendant lamps are especially effective in the kitchen with its high ceilings

If you have a cooking island or dining area in the middle of the room, the pendant lights are a super suitable solution for you. This type of lighting brings stylish accents and creates a frame around the cooking island. Thus, there will be a well-lit center in your kitchen.

Recessed Spotlights

Light kitchen pendant lights interior lighting

Integrated cabinet lighting contributes to the cozy lifestyle in the kitchen

The small, round recessed spotlights can be mounted anywhere: on wall units, drawers or in the corner of the pantry. There are different variants, but the LED recessed spotlights with batteries are the most practical. With a lifespan of around 30,000 hours, they rarely need to be replaced.

interior lighting

The cabinet lighting is particularly functional for deep or dark storage furniture. Installed behind a glass cabinet door, interior lighting creates a soft, comfortable look. In addition, she emphasizes selected accessories such as wine glasses or cake stands in the glass cabinet.

LED lighting on the wall unit

Upper cabinet lighting visually accents kitchen area

Warm upper cabinet lighting sets the finishing touches in this luxurious kitchen

Undoubtedly, the light on the countertops is of paramount importance in all kitchen activities, but it produces a carefully thought-out, beautiful aesthetic effect over the cabinet.

Adjustable ceiling light

Is not one single light source sufficient in your kitchen? Do not worry, because with ceiling lights you can direct the different lighting fixtures to any position.

8-crystal chandelier for a dramatic look

So magnificent and surprising, only a chandelier can work. Instead of being suspended by a pendant light, it looks tasteful and dignified. The functional kitchen design balances the look of the luxurious chandelier.

When designing your kitchen, think of the places where you prepare your food, eat it and help the children with their homework. Then attach the required lighting fixtures there to be able to count on functionality and comfort.

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