8 simple tricks to create a stylish home atmosphere for Christmas

8 simple tricks to create a stylish home atmosphere for Christmas

We love the idea of ​​traditional Christmas decor, but it might look different and you can bring a fresh touch to the ambience. Do you want to decorate your own four walls stylish and trendy? Then stay tuned and admire the following clever ideas for modern and cozy interior design! These are easy to realize and you will certainly enjoy decorating!

1. Decorate with home-made Christmas decorations
Make various home-made ornaments and decorative elements with natural fair. Choose shades that work well with your home's palette or add a new accent color to your festive decoration. For example, a garland of fresh fir branches could decorate your mantelpiece and introduce a festive mood in the room. In addition, it corresponds perfectly with the already decorated Christmas tree next door.

grune-garland-of-pine branches

Bring as much natural flair as possible to your home - a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and a fresh-smelling garland of fir branches can be enough!

2. Think rationally. Act creatively!
You save a lot of space, time and effort by decorating something evergreen instead of a tall Christmas tree. It will fill the room with the smell of the real tree and some evergreen shrubbery can be planted outside (in a well-insulated pot) after the holidays and await spring with joy.

festively-decorated-side table

Something evergreen can decorate your party table and spread a fresh scent in the room

3. The burning fire is synonymous with warmth and coziness
Please see again the first photo! Or rather that follows! Is there anything more festive than a burning log fire? We do not think. Even if you do not have a fireplace, a pile of firewood adds rural charm to any modern interior. This will give you a WOW effect and bring warmth and coziness to your home.


Stacked firewood next to the fireplace always provides warmth and coziness in the room

4. Create your colorful color palette!
Of course you could use decorative cushions and throw blankets all year round, these should not necessarily be selected according to the season. But especially in winter, you can enjoy us with their rich colors and lush textures and make for a happy mood. Velvety plum-colored and soft lavender pillows will surely make your heart beat faster.

chair-gray pillows

Here you can feel very special!

5. The appropriate room lighting is also very important
The room lighting must not be underestimated under any circumstances. It has a positive effect on our mood, if it is correctly selected and placed. In the other case, it can ruin not only your mood, but the whole room look.

room design-ideas-for-bedroom

Imagine something special for the bedroom and enjoy full relaxation there!

6. Create an eye-catching center piece
Instead of a formal centerpiece, you create something special, but with simple means. Arrange different vases (their shape, color and material may be different) and add a brass candle holder. Is not that nice?


An excellent arrangement of chic vases with delicate flowers in it

7. Spice up a simple runner with fringes
Fringes bring a romantic and exotic touch and can definitely turn a simple runner into a great eye-catcher.


In table runner could also look like that, if you worry about it

8. Always have a basket full of gifts aside
Instead of bringing gifts for your guests, neighbors and their children, you can have small surprises, even homemade, in a basket by the front door. So you have these close at hand and in the immediate vicinity, whenever you need them.


It's Christmas everywhere ... .. Have you also prepared small surprises for all ages?

Yes, now you are ready and certainly curious about Christmas! In our picture gallery you can draw further inspiration for beautiful Christmas decoration at home!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

already-decorated christmas-table-napkin

Your Christmas party table needs to be decorated in such a way that it expresses your love of detail and brings out much of your personality

Decorating ideas-xmas

Small things also say a lot about your creativity

staircase-christmas decorations-garland-green

Do you already have ideas how to decorate the stairwell and the hallway?

christmas-gray-throw blanket

Decorate puristically but effectively!

Gruner Wreath

Minimalistic and sublime!

rustic wooden table-candlestick

And it may be a bit rustic!

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