8 ideas for the design of the garden area

8 ideas for the design of the garden area

For common barbecue, food and relaxation, a suitable place should be available. We help you with its setup with tips and inspiring pictures.

Creativity in the yard design with beach chairs and lanterns-eclectic garden furniture

Creativity in the farm design with beach chairs and lanterns

Everybody would like to have our first interior design idea, because everyone will have nice memories at lunch or dinner outside. The design is more harmonious if you adapt the dining table to the entire garden design. This cozy retreat is protected from both summer sunlight and prying eyes. Incidentally, creates a stunning view. The color combinations here are not to be underestimated.

Garden furniture set with retro look for outdoor spent hour-Mediterranean garden table

Garden furniture set with retro look for hours spent outdoors

The second design idea consists of a garden furniture set with plastic chairs from the 70s. They were painted only in light gray color. The presence of the olive tree, as well as the warm colors contribute to the cosiness in the courtyard.

Imagine immediately how happy people talk and celebrate together.

Designer furniture with elegant, inviting effect garden furniture

Designer interior with an elegant, inviting effect

Although it is hard to see at first glance, this great house has a long history. It was renovated in 1953 and will soon be equipped with these stylish garden furniture.

Backyard with minimalist decor and wonderful view pergola

Backyard with minimalist decor and wonderful views

Would not you like to have this magnificent view of nature in front of your eyes? All wood elements were assembled from recycled materials. The small pergola protects against sun and summer rain. Tomatoes, aubergines and herbs grow in the wooden boxes. The beautiful garden design also includes the aluminum table, which is equipped with an extra compartment for your wine bottles.

Spacious wood plant amidst the garden designer garden design

Spacious wood plant in the middle of the garden

We continue with a retreat for adults and children. The end result is a gigantic wood plant, which invites to common games or to relax.

Artificial hill with attached trampoline garden backyard planning design

Artificial hills with attached trampoline

As a rather eccentric furnishing idea we present these artificial hills, which were equipped with a trampoline for the children.

Garden installation for hide-and-seek garden children playground equipment designer

Garden installation for hide and seek games

The installation in the garden could also become the children's favorite place.

Resort with eye-catching tricks outfit designer garden verandah

Equip retreat with eye-catching tricks

Finally, we introduce a villa in Costa Rica, where you can hear the ocean waves from the garden. When designing a luxurious comfort is achieved here.

A harmonious overall picture can be achieved with selected garden furniture, planters and individual designer equipment.

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