8. Chalk board for notes: the practical kitchen helper

8. Chalk board for notes: the practical kitchen helper

Do you want to give your imagination free rein today? Do you then see black and white on your kitchen walls, cupboards or even chairs? Did you already guessed it? Right, the slate, and it comes in many other colors, not just black and white.

Chalk boards and their dust in the classroom are a thing of the past and have been replaced by the dry-erase white board. The whiteboards are easier to clean, but they can not beat the old version with its old-school aesthetic. The wall panels are a trendy and striking idea for your home design. Especially in the kitchen, they offer practical solutions.

Here are a few tips on how to integrate a chalk board into your home design:

Let's start with the fact that, after a long time of use, the board may become somewhat confusing over time. It's easy to reduce this effect. First wipe the erased board with a clean cloth and remove as much dust as possible. Repeat this process again with a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Wring the cloth and wipe the chalk board, always in the same direction.

Chalkboard ceiling high doodle notes Dining chalkboard in kitchen

Ceiling-high blackboard full of doodles and notes in the dining room

The kitchen owner probably does not worry about the dust. At his counter, he is constantly inspired.

A seat was provided for each family member in our second kitchen.

Kitchen island modern name lettering chalk board in kitchen

Kitchen island in the modern dining room

Everyday life can be exhausting and hectic, especially with children. The third photo shows how this family uses the blackboard as a reminder. The monthly calendar is clear and anyone can update it.

Chalkboard Magnetboard Calendar Kitchen chalkboard in kitchen

Blackboard and magnetic board in one

Tip: The rich color palette includes products by Benjamin Moore, Rust-Oleumvund of course by Martha Stewart. To bring more agility and humor to the calendar, you can look at the collections of Mueller Nicholl's Cabinets and Construction look at. The company has created this magnetic board from sheet metal.

Homeowners who have a lot of visitors can benefit from chalkboard cabinets. In addition to the unique look, the board can serve as a guideline for orientation in the kitchen.

Blackboard labelable cabinet notes chalk board in kitchen

Labelable cabinets

Tip: The old cupboards are easy to renovate. For a little money, you can repaint them and thus change the look of your kitchen area.

Ceiling-high chalkboards offer space for scribbles of all family members. Adults can leave love messages to each other or look forward to the children's drawings. At the same time, the children paint in the lower part of the board and thus delete no phone number or important notes for the babysitter away.

Positioned next to the hob, the chalkboard offers a great place for recipes, shopping lists or the evening meal plan. In this case, the board fits the worktops in the kitchen.

Tafelwand hob kitchen back wall practically Recipes chalk board in kitchen

This board wall is practically mounted on the kitchen back wall where you can write down new recipes

Slate modern practical chalk board in kitchen

Modern and practical solution in the kitchen - slate

The chalkboard does not necessarily have to hang on the wall.

Tip: Materials for such a project can be found in Hobby Shops.

Blackboard label. Label for lettering chalkboard in kitchen

Label for labeling

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