7 ways to have beautiful shrubs in the garden

7 ways to have beautiful shrubs in the garden

Varied green plants in the outdoor area can emphasize the charm of your front yard and set the sidewalk to the house properly

Shrubs are ubiquitous in our garden landscapes well represented so that they are largely the green in the outdoor area. These are usually easy-care and resistant evergreen plant species that are planted around the house with a long-term perspective or placed on either side of the walkway to the house or on the edge of the driveway to the garage to visually enhance these places.

Whether or not you want to use their unusual features, crop them properly, and give your evergreen shrubs peculiar shapes or designs, you can create an interesting and unusual garden design with shrubs. Today we would like to show you some ideas that will motivate you to change your attitude towards the green woody plants.

1. Use colorful shrub species

Plants for front yard ideas

A front garden completely immersed in green looks very romantic

Make visual colorfulness in your garden, for example, red Preisel or currants look interesting on evergreen background. The variegation visually enhances the interest in your garden. Combine different colored leaves with a white or cream yellow color. This gives your garden landscape a special look.

2. Create a bird habitat

Front yard practical ideas

Red splashes here and there increase the visual interest in your garden

Many species of birds love shrubs because the birds look for their prey there, e.g. Beetles and lizards like to hide in evergreen shrubs. On the other hand, smaller birds nest there, and where there are berry bushes, the birds easily find the little red fruits. But beware: some shrubs are poisonous for children or pets! Avoid such or watch it really well!

This idea of ​​using shrubs in your own garden to create a bird's life space is nothing new. You can specifically shape the shrubs so that a robust habitat for birds develops in your garden. The best thing for the birds would be if there are water sources nearby. Also, remember that when you plant your shrubs, you support the wildlife in your immediate area.

3. Group green trees of different sizes together.

Front yard shape ideas

Meiserhaft shaped shrubs attract all eyes immediately

The picture shows a grouping of the same kind of small broadleaf, evergreen shrubs planted in different sizes and cropped in a spherical shape. Yes, they look very beautiful, that's not to be denied, but these shrubs need regular care, i. E. Irrigation and pruning to a precise schedule are required here. However, this is fun for any hobby gardener, and the well-groomed shrubs give each garden a whimsical look, with saturated textures and well trimmed spheres. This is what the modern garden design looks like today - with clear forms and a lot of texture.

4. The French garden kitchen

garden idea

Straight lines and interesting shapes characterize the modern garden design

The French are excellent gardeners and master the art of making the gardeners imaginative. In a French outdoor area you can see mainly beautiful flowers and green hedge. The walkway to the house has a perfect look, which tells a lot about the house and garden owners.

5. Symmetry and harmony go hand in hand

garden design ideas garden fountain

Symmetry and inner harmony reign in this courtyard

Shrubs are often used to introduce symmetrical elements into a rectilinear space. They can be minimalist, as in this example with low cropped boxwood shrubs. Of course you can give the shrubs a different shape, but the most important thing is that the courtyard looks symmetrical and harmonious.

Create symmetry in your courtyard by selecting those green woods that will fit well there. Plant them at a precisely measured distance from each other and cut them if necessary. Believe us, this is not as complicated as it may seem at first blcik. It is also helpful to put the shrubs outside while they are still in their containers. Then move it back and forth to see what distance and orientation would be perfect for you.

6. A great mix of evergreen and colorful plant species

Front yard ideas house and trees

Colorful garden plants grow next to evergreen trees and give a naturalistic look

On the other hand of pruning, shaping and symmetry, there is also the wild garden. This is full of perennials, flanked by shrubs. The woody plants are an important element in any garden design as they are perennial and provide structure and interest throughout the year. In addition, there are many forest shrubs that grow wild and often lush. These can create a naturalistic design in your garden.

7. The garden can be beautiful in all seasons

Front yard idea tips

Even in winter, your garden can look beautiful

Shrubs, as well as trees, bring structure into the garden and make its appearance interesting, especially in winter. Shown here is the popular Silky Dogwood (Cornus sericea). Its bright red branches are in stark contrast to the white snow. Some deciduous trees have a flaming red robe or glow in warm yellow in autumn.

This colorfulness turns the garden into a favorite place for rest and relaxation, in all seasons!

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