7 useful properties of lavender - the blue all-rounder from nature

7 useful properties of lavender - the blue all-rounder from nature

When you talk about the medicinal plant lavender, what comes to your mind immediately? The beautiful lavender fields or the enchanting scent of this beautiful plant? The lavender is ideal for any interior as a natural decoration. But he is always welcome not only in the interior design of your home or in the decoration of your garden as a great eye-catcher, but also as a valuable remedy in your everyday life. Today we are happy to introduce you to the 7 most important properties of lavender. He will definitely be your favorite plant and there is a reason for that.

1. Dried lavender flowers keep the clothes moths away. Make yourself the healthy alternative to moth powder without chemicals. Take some small textile bags that will fill you with dried lavender flowers. Put your homemade anti-insect repellent into wardrobes, especially where you keep your cotton and woolen clothing. Change the contents of the bags every 2-3 months and your clothes will be well protected from moths as well as pleasantly and freshly flavored.

Ideas house decoration lavender dried lavender frets

The clothes moths do not like the lavender at all

2. The lavender has a soothing effect on us, it relieves the headache and calms the stressed nerves. For this reason, we recommend you to make beautiful lavender deco for your home yourself, to enjoy the healing properties of this garden plant. Fresh lavender or a lavender wreath will filter the room air and improve your mood significantly.

Lavender basket lifestyle decoration ideas

Lavender fresh or dried as a nice DIY home decoration

3. With a few drops of lavender oil you can effectively disinfect your hands. This essential oil has strong antibacterial properties and is often used in the manufacture of organic and homemade detergents. Complete the useful effect of lavender oil with real aloe and witch hazel (witch hazel).

Lavender decoration wall decoration deco ideas DIY dried lavender fronds

The lavender has a strong antibacterial effect

4. Scientific research indicates that lavender can rid the earth of heavy metals and other contaminants. The planting of lavender improves the soil properties even after the first year.

Pure lavender essential oil

Pure lavender essential oil

5. The homemade lemonade with lavender is especially refreshing in summer. Mix lavender and sugar in the ratio 1: 1 and add water and lemon to your taste. The delicious drink has a delicate purple color and unique taste and fragrance. The lavender lemonade is perfect for summer cocktails with or without alcohol.

Table decoration itself make lavender drink with lemon sodas

The refreshing lemonade with lavender is delicious and healthy

6. Effectively use the relaxing effect of lavender in the bath. Take a flavor bath with rosemary and lavender salt or just with lavender stems directly in the warm water. This relaxing therapy ensures you quiet night sleep and renewed strength for the next day.

Secure a relaxing end to the stressful workday with lavender bath

Secure a relaxing end to the stressful workday with lavender bath

7. Lavender has a calming effect on any type of sleep problem. The lavender scent has a relaxing and soothing effect, which will definitely help when falling asleep. Before going to bed, drink a cup of lavender tea or put a bag of lavender flowers next to your pillow. If you have lavender oil with you, drip a few drops on your pillows and on the pulse zones, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in a sweet sleep.

Use the lavender against sleep disorders

Use the lavender for insomnia, its scent will definitely improve your sleep!

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