7 statement rugs that change the look of your home

7 statement rugs that change the look of your home

It's almost impossible to do something wrong with a stylish rug. Their expressive look adds a splash of fresh color, an interesting texture or even more comfort to any room! And if you can not go wrong, who would care how and where to roll out such rugs and what they reveal about the character of the house dwellers? Maybe you? Then we can continue quietly! There is no trace of doubt!

Playful Ombré effect in blue and white

Blue and white deco ideas rugs interior design modern

A maritime room in the color duo blue and white executed

This sea-inspired living room would not be complete without a dreamy Ombré rug; it not only brings the ocean itself into the small space, but also lots of warmth to that sparse, minimalist look. In this maritime room, the color duo blue and white is dominant. Here you can admire different nuances of marine blue.

Unusual texture

Decorative ideas rugs

Practical and elegant, with a green accent

This unusual geometric rug is the perfect choice for any stylish room. It shows interesting lines and a hard-to-resist texture and robs everyone of their looks every time you look at them.

Monochrome device in black and white

Modern living room monochrome in black white-black carpet

Simple, elegant and monochrome in black and white

"Meaningful" should not necessarily mean colorful, eye-catching and big. Sometimes the great statement rugs are easy. This simple black rectangular carpet defines the dimensions in this monochrome room, bringing dramatic contrast to the white floor and white furniture. That's the perfection in a simple monochrome room in black and white!

Striking forms

Modern designer carpet

Luxury and grandeur radiates this interior

Interesting shapes immediately catch the eye, they steal the show and impress predominantly your style-conscious guests. This monochrome rug in faded grays is the perfect example of how to make a subtle but powerful statement in the room. With its puzzle-like shape, the statement rug visually extends the floor area and spreads the sense of grandeur in this luxurious dining room.

Bright and colorful

Nursery carpet for children

This colorful decor in the nursery certainly inspires the imagination of the little ones

Strong colors and simple shapes make this rug the perfect floor covering in this cheerfully furnished children's bedroom. In contrast to the bare brick walls, the softness of the carpet adds a little more comfort to this playfully designed space, while the stylish décor comes out well.

Dreamy comfort

Beautiful living carpet floorboards white living area

White interior with gold accents - is not that eye-catching?

Nothing shows more comfort than a fluffy white carpet. This soft, cuddly carpet makes this living room in gold and white a heavenly dream place! Careful, no shoes are allowed here!

Pop art pattern

Pop art design rugs geometric

Are you as deeply impressed by this pop art installation as we are here in the editorial board?

This pop art living room is the only place we want to be every summer morning. The collision of monochrome stripes on the pouf and the carpet is breathtaking! This strong pop art pattern is totally enough to totally twist your head. The stark contrast between the wood floor, carpet and bright orange sofa creates a great room appearance, so you could not avert the view of it! But it also does not want to do it! Right?

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