7 little tricks when decorating at home - Invite autumn to you!

7 little tricks when decorating at home - Invite autumn to you!

Autumn is here and we notice that every day from the low temperatures and the colorful change of nature around us. The leaves fall slowly to the ground and form a colorful carpet in the typical colors of this season. It is getting cool and rainy. Now we all have to think about suitable decoration at home and vote for this season. Because until next summer, there are many long days and nights. Try to get comfortable and comfortable at home and enjoy the fall! How this works, we want to show you today with 7 tricks for your autumn decoration.

7 little tricks when decorating at home - Invite autumn to you! 1

Soft decorative pillows and cuddly throws are in demand in the fall

  • Take out cuddly deco pillows and throws

This is just the simplest way to bring a new, autumnal note into a room without spending too much money. In cool weather, we all need more warmth and coziness, and you can afford that through cuddly pillows and throws. Their texture is just right at this time of year. You can even put on some coarse-knit sweaters or get fake fur and create a comfortable atmosphere with a luxurious flair at home.

fireplace-deco Cool Idea

The fireplace exudes warmth and coziness!

  • Ethno decoration in front of and beside the fireplace makes it an eye-catcher in the living room

When the days get shorter, there's nothing better than sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace. Since you will spend a lot of time in the fall, we recommend that you make your fireplace the focal point of your living room. Decorate the area in front of and next to the fireplace with handmade runners or colorful Ethno cushions and you can effortlessly achieve the desired effect. In addition, you can spice up the mantel with interesting decoration and it will look different immediately. Surely you have great ideas, because Halloween and Christmas are coming up. Buy new fireplace accessories, such as a new basket for firewood, and update the look around the fireplace.


Green branches as a table decoration

  • Green is a trend color this fall

Since you could easily be in doubt - which season is beautiful? The summer or the fall? For many people, autumn is the better time of the year because nature surprises us every day with new colors and shapes. During a walk in the park, you can collect enough colorful autumn leaves and present the colorful splendor of the autumn foliage at home. Make a garland of green branches, the leaves will soon change their color and you will admire this process every day. You can still bring autumnal scent to your walls by spreading eucalyptus leaves or small twigs here and there. Then your house will smell fresh and pleasant. In the whole house you can put branches in vases and invite the autumn home. And do not forget the beauty of the autumn flowers! Gorgeous dahlias and chrysanthemums charm eye and soul and create a good mood at home.


In autumn, you can generously combine patterns and colors

  • Mix patterns and decorative elements

When decorating the room in autumn, you can generously mix patterns and decorative elements, because you have much more freedom when decorating. Choose autumn colors like yellow over red to brown and you can not go wrong. Thick stripes, checks and geometric figures in the patterns are welcome. Especially if your room design looks a bit neutral, this is a perfect way to introduce interesting colors and patterns into the interior. Only a colorful patterned blanket, cuddly decorative pillows or a matching high pile carpet are sometimes enough, because they signal immediately: Autumn has begun!

wall shelves-white-wood-house

Put accents in orange and refresh the monotonous look in white

  • Put the accent on the colors of the season

When we talk about the fall color scheme, the warm orange and red shades come to mind first, right? But you can introduce new shades and put some autumnal accents in this color scheme, and yet be sure nothing could go wrong. Fill a vase of orange blossom or a bowl of oranges and refresh your shelf. And do not forget: Mini pumpkins in different colors are undoubtedly part of every fall decoration at home.


An elegant floor lamp, a high pile carpet and the green house plants make the cozy atmosphere here

  • Room lighting is particularly important this season

Sometimes, when it comes to decoration, we overlook the effect of lighting. A soft or a bright light would you rather prefer? Because this really can visually change a room a lot. In the fall, we usually need a soft light during the day and candlelight in the evening. Of course, a few wall lights or a chic floor lamp would not be out of place at all. Scented candles and the warmth of the fireplace complete the autumnal atmosphere at home.


Create warmth and coziness in your bedroom too!

  • A new bedding in the typical autumn colors is not a bad idea

In the summer, everything should be light and airy, but when the weather turns and gets colder, we need cozy blankets and soft textiles that radiate warmth and coziness. Now is the time to change your bed linen. If you buy a new set, choose it in autumnal color gamma and you can also use it as a decoration. The main thing is you feel cozy and warm, especially in the fall!

Scroll down and let yourself be inspired by our picture examples!


So warm and cozy can be your own home in the fall


Decorate with autumn leaves

living room-device

Only a splash of color in orange can spice up the ambience


You can also decorate the porch and make it look great

autumn wreath

An autumn wreath on the wall or at the front door expresses it: We welcome autumn!


Celebrate the fall at the festively decorated table


Is autumn not the best season?

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