6 ideas for a luxury life outdoors

6 ideas for a luxury life outdoors

Does your dream home look exactly like this? I think so! Landscape designer Matt Leacy and the Landart Landscapes team designed this beautiful garden in Sydney. The family house is surrounded by greenery and right next to it is an irresistible pool. Wooden planks from the main house connect the indoor and outdoor areas. It is obvious that the garden is an extension of the house rather than a separate area.

Luxury garden terrace garden armchair

The garden is an extension of the house

Glass doors from floor to ceiling open onto the garden terrace, allowing enough daylight and fresh sea breezes to enter the interior of the house. People like to dine outdoors, have casual conversation and enjoy that luxury every day. Here seems to be a small piece of paradise on earth. This standard of living includes a magnificent view of the pool and the breathtaking sea panorama.

Hanging chair modern Garden armchair design

Easy-care and weather-resistant flower species, such as the succulents, are the right choice here

Easy-care succulents grow in the garden and spread out on the patio. These weatherproof plant species offer a rich assortment of sculptural green outdoors. This is undoubtedly a very practical choice on the part of the homeowner, because the succulents require minimal care for the maintenance of the garden. Above all, this is especially important when the garden is on the ocean and exposed to the salty sea breeze. A spa area is crowded into the corner by the main house and the garden fence. In this way, the privacy of homeowners and possibly their guests at garden parties in the afternoon and in the evening is secured. A hanging chair invites you to relax without taking up excess floor space from the patio.

Garden furniture Lounge furniture

Here you can organize great garden parties!

A sheltered barbecue, pizza oven and the whole preparation zone clearly suggest that you are always ready to spend entertaining hours with friends and family. The concrete and wooden floorboards are spiced up with succulents and native plant species.

Garden terrace home decor furniture decoration

Upholstery and decorative cushions in blue and brown are wonderfully integrated into the whole exterior

Built-in benches are purposely designed to be low on purpose so as not to spoil the ocean view, but to provide valuable additional seating when organizing garden parties. The refined color palette in blue and brown reflects the nuances of both the sea and the wood elements of the exterior.

Lounge furniture Garden Pool

Do we want to swim or enjoy the panoramic view of the azure ocean?

The expansive blue color of the swimming pool is in perfect harmony with the magnificent panoramic view of the ocean, while the wooden fence enhances the privacy of the garden. The stone tiles are in visual contrast to the built-in wooden bench seats, which are delimited by great green plants a bit from the fence.

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