5 ways to decorate the interior in rose quartz and serenity

5 ways to decorate the interior in rose quartz and serenity

As soon as Pantone's color center announced the colors of 2016, it's been an exciting time for design fanatics. For the first time ever, the US company chose two colors this year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Undoubtedly, the Pantone decision was "A symbolic color selection". The company makes it clear that "a color is a snapshot, a snapshot of what we perceive in our cultural environment, an expression of our mood and attitude to the world." True to this philosophy, Pantone Farbenzentrale has a truly expressive color duo for the most sought after 2016 colors selected.

Although both colors - Rose Quartz and Serenity themselves are sufficiently meaningful to stand on their own, when they are set against neutrals, they are mostly white and gray. They also go well with soft shades of green, brown and yellow.

If you are curious how effectively you can bring these two colors into your interior, then you've come to the right place. Here are five ways to decorate with Pantone 2016 Colors of the Year. Take a look at our picture examples and get even more inspiration for your room design in rose quartz and serenity.

family photos-idea-wall-living room

Walls in Serenity have a soft look

Cover your walls in Serenity

In a press release from As Pantone puts it clearly, one has to choose Serenity for wall designs this year because it is "weightless and airy, as the expanse of the blue sky above us and the feeling of rest and relaxation brings even in turbulent times."

The impact of a color nothing is new to the human mood, and the calming effect of the blue works best when this color surrounds us. That said, Serenity is a good choice for all four walls in a room. Choose Serenity for rooms in which you want to feel comfortable and comfortable, for example, for your bedroom or the Home office ,

Because blue could sometimes be interpreted as cold You need to be attentive and not use the blues in abundance. It would be best to use this color with plush furniture, warm textures and textiles to compensate.

complete bedroom

Use many textiles in Serenity and create a cozy ambience in the room

living room sofa-coffee table-sofa-e

Individual pieces of furniture in rose quartz are great eye-catchers in the room and immediately attract everyone's attention

Use rose Quartz for furniture that you want to highlight visually

In difference to Serenity's soothing properties, Pantone chose Rose Quartz for its impressive nature. It is still called the shade, which conveys a "convincing but gentle hue, bringing a lot of compassion and serenity into the ambiance."

These qualities make rose quartz an obvious choice for a piece of furniture which you want to highlight in the room. This shade is a bit unusual and enough meaningful. Of course, a piece of furniture in rose quartz can be an eye-catcher in the center of any room. It still remains refined enough to bring a sense of elegance to the room.

The key to successful interior design is to keep the rest of your interior design simple. This is completely enough and allows the piece of furniture to shine in rose quartz, be it a sofa, chairs or something else. Make sure the rest of the interior design is done in neutral colors like white and gray, this trick will create a clean background for using the best colors of Pantone 2016.

piece of furniture-in-rosenquarz-living room-table

Even a small piece of furniture in rose quartz could serve as an eye-catcher

Choose Roomt extil in Serenity

If you like If you do not like the idea of ​​setting up a whole room in the trendy color Serenity, then try to lighten the ambiance with textiles in that color. Throw in some blankets, put on a rug, or put some pillows in that blue and bring that same quiet tone back into the room.

As with all textiles would You need a variety of colors and visual accents to make the room visually interesting. If you are looking for additional ways to introduce textiles into the room, we recommend that you incorporate a mix of textures and fabrics in different shades of Serenity.

blue living-sofa-carpet-idea-

What is dominant in this room? Serenity or Rose Quartz?

rosenquarz-for-the-wall accent

How do you like the idea of ​​choosing rose quartz for the accent wall?


Great accents can be placed in rose quartz


A nursery in rose quartz - pure gentleness!

Choose R osenquarz for the accent wall

If Rosenquar However, if furniture does not quite match your style or taste, you can introduce that color into any room by placing it on an accent wall. Again, it is important to choose the wall so that it serves as an eye-catcher in the room.

emphasize You visually see the fireplace in your living room by dressing it in refined pink or use the hue as the background color in a high-tech kitchen.


You can mate Serenity and Rose Quartz quite well, even with the dishes!

Mix and match : pairing both trendy shades

There is one good reason why Rose Quartz and Serenity should be mixed together. As a color duo they create bold and exciting contrasts that enliven every room. There are two ways to bring both shades into the same design in perfect harmony.

First, you can choose one of the colors and present them dominantly in the interior design and then carefully put color swabs in the other color. For example, you could spice up a sofa in Serenity with cushions in rose quartz and paint the walls in Serenity and make eye-catching in rose quartz. The design options are so numerous and everything is up to your personal taste and style.

The other option allows you to present both colors equally and add accents to those shades in the room. Find wall art or other deco elements that mimic the Pantone favorites for this year and give the whole room a discreet and modern look.

If you are the One thing is for sure, if you prefer eye-catching shades of Rose Quartz or Serenity: using only one or both of the Pantone 2016 Colors of the Year is an excellent way to create a space that looks contemporary and elegant. There you can always feel calm and relaxed!

wohnideen-and-device tips

A mix of both trendy colors is just as striking

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