5 ways a pleat can change your space

5 ways a pleat can change your space

Window decoration is always such a thing. At some point you realize that you are not quite satisfied with its combination of roman shade and curtain or classic curtain and loop scarf. Too much, too old-fashioned and not really practical. Generally, window decoration always seems to be just one of the two - pompously decorative or practical. Is there nothing in between? Something with which both are possible - adapt the window decoration to the room concept or set new accents while still fulfilling practical aspects. Plissees are worth a look. Let's take a look at the latest collection of sensuna plissees.

Pleats set color accents in the room

Little can change the mood in a room in a short space of time and affect it as sustainably as fresh paint. Blue and green bring freshness, red and yellow more heat into the same room, without changing the other decoration.

5 ways a plisse can change your space 1

Through pleats you can put great color accents in the room

5 ways a plisse can change your room 2

Of course red, green, yellow and blue are not the only colors.

At heimtextilien.com, a specialist shop for window decoration, which also sells sensuna® pleats, one can choose from more than 1000 fabrics for pleats. An offer that is almost too big for me. If you want, you can take a look at the Pleats on hometextiles.com toss. But the colors are not everything ...

Blackout pleats and sunscreen or: light and shadow

... because of course we do not decide for purely decorative reasons for this or that window decoration. Even if today almost everyone longs for light-flooded rooms, sometimes it is nice if the morning sun does not make it impossible to continue sleeping on Sunday morning at 5:30 am. You can do the day to night with darkening pleats very well.

5 ways a plisse can change your space 3

Plissees at the window darken the room and you can sleep undisturbed even after sunrise

But there are also substances that do not completely shut out the light. Between "a touch of nothing" and "all Scots tight" there are many gradations in terms of translucence and almost completely independent of the chosen color.

You see me, you do not see me - privacy with pleats

It is not always the sun that should stay outside. The bathroom window, for example, does not always reveal the view of undeveloped mountain landscapes, but too often the view of the house opposite. And of course, from there, the views do not penetrate uninvited to us ... Nevertheless, none of us wants to do without daylight in the bathroom.

5 ways a pleat can change your space 4

Especially in the bathroom, you need the best privacy, so no strange eyes disturb you there

And again: privacy is not only dependent on the light transmission of the fabrics and even less of their color.

Really for all situations: Plissees at the PC workstation

Since it often goes to the office from the bath more often than to the richly set breakfast table, a practical component of the plissees immediately stands out: they help to avoid glare effects on the screen and do not always darken the room in such a way that you can wonderful summer weather in the dark office with neon light must sit.

5 ways a plisse can change your space 5

A must in summer - good sun protection in the office

5 ways a plisse can change your room 6

Warm and cold

So much for visual and sun protection. Pleats can do even more. Again, properties such as thermal insulation are not necessarily dependent on light transmission and certainly not on color. Who does not know it: In summer, the living room looks like a hothouse, and in winter you can always feel a slight breeze near the window. Here, too, pleats can make a contribution: Reflective backs reduce the heat generated by absorption or when hitting surfaces in the interior. On the other hand, honeycomb pleated panels in winter help to keep the heat in the room by acting as additional insulation in front of the window area.

5 ways a plisse can change your room 7

Plissees on the window serve as good heat and cold insulation in the room

5 ways a pleat can change your space 8

That's a lot that you can pay attention to and choose. Plissees are true all-rounders, right? So how about the following intent: Next time a sensuna® pleated comes to the window.

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