5 practical tips for your perfect home office

5 practical tips for your perfect home office

Are you actually from the people who like to work from home? You probably have a part-time job or your main job is exclusively home. If so, then read on, because our practical tips and interior solutions for a perfectly furnished home office are just for you. Our tips will show you what to look for when setting up your home office and what you would rather avoid. We reveal 5 practical ideas for a perfect home office!

1. The optimal light

Home office properly set up interior home office

High-quality works of art can be a very stylish decoration in the home office

The most important factor for a suitable place for your home office is the good light ratio. The most important and healthiest source of light is daylight and you should by no means underestimate it. We recommend that you choose a window-like space for your home office. So the light is used optimally and it helps you to work productively. If the daylight is not enough, then do not skimp on the qualitative lighting.

2. Pleasant room climate

upholstered bench home office working from home

Choose a bright home space for your home office

Ensure a pleasant indoor climate in your home office. The optimum room temperature is between 21 and 23 degrees. The fresh indoor air is very important for your concentration and work productivity. For this reason, ventilate your home office every hour. For a good indoor climate, the houseplants help enormously, which filter the air and beautify the overall look of your home office.

3. Design the room properly

simple home office desk made of wood

Ornamental plants beautify the atmosphere in the home office and filter the air in the room

If you like the bright colors, try not to use them in your home office. They will constantly distract you from working, thus lowering your productivity. But you can put some small color accents in your favorite colors to create a fresher and friendlier atmosphere. For the walls, you choose bright and simple colors that create a positive and productive working atmosphere. In your home office, you should not only feel comfortable, but also work productively. For this reason, the right interior design is a very important point.

4. The office chair

modern home office design Loft home office

Simple home office in white and wood shades with stylish accents in black

If you sit for 8 or more hours daily on your PC, you should definitely think of your musculoskeletal system. The right office chair is especially important for your health. Choose a high-quality office chair with individually adjustable seat height, with comfortable armrests and backrests. Pay attention to the flexibility and ergonomics. So you will certainly avoid back pain and other discomforts that can disturb your work.

5. Beautiful and practical furniture

Skylight Loft home office design ideas carpet around

Sufficient storage space in the home office helps for better organization and perfect organization

Setting up your home office will also please the eye, but it will also be very convenient. Comfort and good looks are the right starting points for a cozy and professional home office. The plate of your workbench should be big enough to keep all important work tools at hand. Your books, file folders and odds and ends are ideal for storing on shelves that are close to the workbench. Drawers and doors for your shelving system are very convenient and helpful. With enough storage space you avoid the clutter in the home office and ensure a comfortable and productive working atmosphere. If you have little space for your home office at home or you want to design niches or sloping ceilings as a home office, we recommend that you order bespoke furniture. This allows you to adapt the perfect interior to your home office.

Be inspired by our picture gallery and set up your home office according to your wishes and preferences!

Home office trendy look roof windows loft office furniture

The sloping roofs are no obstacle to a cozy home office

bright workplace at home home office

Daylight plays an important role in the design of your home office

Desk in the home office

Staple your documents in binders and wicker baskets

stylish home office stainless steel bench in gray desk with wood panel concrete wall

Trendy home office in industrial style

Workroom in White Home Office Wooden Chair Home Office Office Cabinet

The simple atmosphere in white improves concentration and productivity

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