5 plants that improve the air quality in your home

5 plants that improve the air quality in your home

Now you have a good excuse to buy more indoor plants for your home.

Just because you do not want to see any pollutants in your house does not mean they are not there. In a recent study, researchers have identified eight common organic compounds (VOCs). These are potentially harmful and were found in primary colors, household cleaning products and other household items. There is a solution to fighting them and we'll show them to you soon. Some indoor plants can absorb these compounds through their leaves and roots. These are the five indoor plants that best combat the harmful substances at home and improve the air quality enormously:

Money Tree (Crassula ovata)

money tree-plant-for-home

The money tree improves the air quality in every room where this houseplant is placed

This succulent plant is a widespread houseplant that impresses us with its lush evergreen leaves. The researchers have found that the money tree is the number one houseplant, it can remove toluene from the air and clean your indoor environment in this way. Tuluol is an aromatic hydrocarbon, which is still called methylbenzene. This pollutant is found in paint thinners, paints and adhesives. The money tree can absorb 91% of it within 12 hours and purify your indoor air.

Green lily (Chlorophytum comosum)

Chlorophytum comosum-plant-for-home

The green lily removes many pollutants from the room air

Chemicals contained in products such as ink and gum can no longer exist in presence of the green lily. She is rightly called official grass or official palm, as she is often seen in offices. The green lily still bears the name spider flower, which comes from its shape. No matter what you call this houseplant, it is very good at cleaning indoor air. It removes ethylbenzene (62%), p-xylene (92%) and o-xylene (93%) from the air over a 12 hour sampling period.


bromeliad-house plants

The Bromeliad is a popular houseplant that brings hidden benefits

This houseplant looks really good, but it is more than just a pretty eye-catcher in the room. Bromeliad most effectively removes pollutants from indoor air. It removes more than 80% of the six of the eight harmful compounds, making your home air much cleaner - 92% of benzene is removed, which is a gas in cigarette smoke.



There are hundreds of Dracaena species, all of which can easily clean the indoor air of pollutants and chemicals

All indoor plants can greatly remove the acetone odor. Acetone is a chemical substance found in nail polish remover. But any Dracaena species could do that best, it cleans more than 94% of the chemical within 12 hours.

Cactus Consolea falcata

Cactus Consolea-falcata plant-by-home

The cactus Consolea falcata is not only beautiful, but also very useful in your own home

And just do not think cacti could not look pretty, because this is totally wrong! They are actually a great sight and clean the room air. For example, the cactus Consolea falcate can remove a number of the harmful chemical compounds from the air: 80% of p-xylenes, ethylbenzene and acetone and 60% toluene, o-xylene and benzene. Are you impressed by its characteristics?
If you really want to improve your air quality, consider rethinking the idea of ​​getting new houseplants home? And which of the plant species presented here is exactly your favorite?

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