5 lucky charms among the houseplants

5 lucky charms among the houseplants

Are there any lucky charms among indoor plants? Yes, that might sound superstitious to many people, but why should we react spontaneously and deny it? A large group of hobby gardeners even claim that they feel happy with their great indoor plants. No one can deny it, the houseplants bring an optimal dose of beauty and cosiness to our four walls and create an absolutely stress-free atmosphere. And we all want that, right? Because in our dynamic everyday life, the most important thing is how we feel at home, where we all reduce the stress and recharge our batteries for the next day. Harmony and inner balance are what most people aspire to today. And everyone could achieve that in a suitable atmosphere. There are some indoor plants that can help us a lot. They are known as the lucky charms among indoor plants. Believe it or not, but their positive charisma is undisputed. Let's take a close look at 5 magical indoor plants? Stay tuned, you still have a lot to learn!

Leaves Spathiphyllum

The single sheet cleans the air and is a real eye-catcher in the room.

  1. Single leaf (Spathiphyllum)

The single leaf (Spathiphyllum) is a popular houseplant not only in Germany, but also in many other countries of the world. It provides a lush green in the interior, cleans the air and at the same time is a real eye-catcher during its heyday. Because the only white blossom of the single leaf really has a noble look. It is suspected by many residents, the single sheet positively affects the atmosphere in the home. Yes, that's for sure! But in addition, it has the ability to attract good luck in the apartment or in the house. If you give a single leaf to a young couple, both spouses will soon get good news and spend the next few months in good hope. The single leaf can provide in each family for good, loving relationships and promote the love relationships.

Spathiphyllum single leaf white flowers noble

The white flowers of the Spathiphyllum look noble and sublime.

African violet typical color flowers violet

The typical color of the flowers of the African violet is violet-blue.

  1. African violet (Saintpauliaionantha)

The second place in our list of lucky charms among indoor plants is the African violet (Saintpauliaionantha). It is still known as African Violet and African Violet. If you want to add a special touch of natural beauty to your ambience, then you must at least get yourself a pot of this gorgeous flower. The African violet has very delicate flowers that shine in different colors. Violet blue is certainly the most typical color, there are the African violets but also in white, purple and lavender blue. They all enchant us with their beauty. In some nations, they are considered the symbol of eternal love. Certainly, the African violet can reduce the stress of everyday life and give its owners with luck and love.

African violet lucky charm reduces stress from positive mood

This lucky charm reduces stress and agrees positively.

Hibiscus Chinese Rosebeam in the Far East

The hibiscus is a symbol of love in the Far East

  1. Chinese Rosehip (Hibiscus rosa sinensis)

In number three we want to introduce you to the Chinese Rosebud (Hibiscusrosa sinensis), which is still called Chinese Rose or simply Hibiscus. In the Far East, this beauty of the room symbolizes passionate love. All lovers want to have the hibiscus at home and admire its magnificent flowers. This magnificent flowering houseplant is still associated with fame and fortune. She is the national flower of Malaysia. Treat yourself to these flowers in a color that is close to your heart, and enjoy perfect happiness!

Hibiscus flower splendor delicate colors enchantingly beautiful for all ages

Flowers in delicate colors enchants young and old

  1. Green lily (Chlorophytum)

Chlorophytum green lily the most popular indoor plants

The green lily is a popular houseplant for many Germans

If you want to make your family life happy, then you need the green lily (Chlorophytum) at home. This evergreen houseplant is very popular in this country. She impresses us with her elegant white-green striped leaves. The green lily forms many white flowers, from which develop after flowering new daughter plants. The chlorophyll is easy to clean and can never break.

Chlorophytum green lily

The green lily brings luck and success to your family

  1. Flamingo flower (Anthurium)

Anthurium a true symbol of love

Anthurium - the true symbol of love

The flamingo flower (anthurium) is still called tail flower or anthurium. The Anthurie is a beautiful houseplant, which presents us with beautiful flowers in white, pink or red with proper care all year round. The green leaves of the flamingo flower are usually about 40 cm long, then comes the bract with a beautifully shaped flask. It is believed that this flower gives the men a lot of power and brings happiness home.

Anthurium Fmaingoblume strikingly beautiful

The flamingo flower always stands out for its beautiful flowers

All 5 lucky charms in our list are lovely. You can decide for yourself which of these indoor plants is appropriate for your home. I hope it brings you a lot of personal happiness and passionate love. Do you believe in it or do you think that is just an old superstition?

Spathiphyllum single leaf bring new happiness to your home

The single leaf brings new happiness in your four walls!

Saintpaulia ionantha

African Violets is a definite lucky charm and a great highlight at home!


A nursing easy luck charm for your four walls

Hibiscus national flower of Malaysia

The Chinese rose is actually the national flower of Malaysia.

Anthurium green leaves without flowers but shiny and beautiful

Bring a green note and good luck in your living room with an anthurium!

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