5 good reasons to choose a walk-in shower

5 good reasons to choose a walk-in shower

Do you want to keep pace with modern design at home, turn your home bathroom into an easy-care oasis and enjoy a great bathing experience every day? Do you have to find further arguments for a walk-in shower in your own bathroom?

Yes, floor-level showers are very trendy! If you are in need of a bathroom renovation, then you can choose a walk-in shower and you can be sure you have made the right choice. You can take an invigorating shower in the morning and relax in the evening after work as in a spa area. But if you still have some doubts about whether a walk-in shower is the best solution for you or not, then read on! With us you will find more arguments for choosing a walk-in shower at home, and get some helpful tips.

What defines a walk-in shower? First and foremost, it's a waterproof shower area that has no hinged doors, no barriers, and you can comfortably get in the shower. This accessibility optically expands the bathroom and makes it appear generous. The soil is usually completely tiled. Here, however, you should consider whether you opt for tiles or for a visible shower tray. In the second case, we recommend one with a very low profile, so that there is no threshold on the floor or this is minimal.

Another common design feature of all walk-in showers is a frameless, solid glass screen that shields the shower area from the rest of the room. Some walk-in showers can even be fully open, depending on the size of the bathroom and its furnishings.

You save space

Glass partition for shower

Cleverly designed bathroom with glass pane gives you a pleasant bath feeling and ensures maximum comfort when showering

Whether you desperately want more space in your bathroom or just want to create the illusion of space, a walk-in shower can also be very helpful in this regard. There is no need for a bulky cabinet and that means you have to forget everything about shower doors or tall shelves. These only take up space on the wall. This is especially helpful in rooms that are narrow or have low ceilings.

Small bathroom set up gray wall floor tiles glass partition wall

Totally tiled, with a built-in walk-in shower, this bathroom looks practical and comfortable

A walk-in shower with a wet corner also offers more flexibility. If you are redesigning your bathroom, you can be sure that this design will fit anywhere, even in narrow spaces.

Bathroom shower glass wall tub ideas

Showers or rather relax in the bathtub? Both are possible here!

Glass wall bathroom

The view is not immediately on the shower, because it is quite discretely designed in this sleek, generously planned bathroom

A few practical benefits that a floor-level shower brings

Modern minimalist shower glass wall ideas

Practically and stylishly designed

One big benefit of a walk-in shower over traditional bathroom designs is that your entire bathroom is now much easier to use. The sleek and stepless design makes walk-in showers ideal for people with limited mobility, as well as older people and toddlers who often find it difficult to take a shower, stand on one leg, or keep their balance. The floor-level shower gives you extra space when showering so two or more children can be washed at once. All this makes routine easier in the morning and before bedtime in the evening. Double showers can also be equipped in the wet area for dual showers. That will definitely add a five-star touch to your bathroom.

Modern bathroom shower area glass wall

The solid glass in the shower area and the wall mirrors make this bathroom look bigger

Glass wall of modern ideas

Does your dream bathroom look the same?

Single storey showers are easy to maintain

Wall bathroom glass shower cabin

Simple, impeccable and stylish - this bathroom exudes grandeur and best taste

Minimal hardware is equally low cleaning. You do not have to scrub doors or handles, only the shower head and taps need to be cleaned from time to time to make them shine. This will give you more time to enjoy your relaxing bathing experience. Most glass panes come complete with easy-to-clean tempered glass, which can be easily cleaned with the appropriate spray, while the tiled floor inside the shower area can be cleaned with the rest of the floor in the bathroom depending on your usual Methothe.

Wall bathroom glass shower cubicle ideas

It would not be a problem to clean this bathroom, right?

The designer look in your bathroom only increases its value and brings further plus points in the event of a house sale

Modern elegant bathroom ideas glass wall

An easy entry into the shower area also contributes to your comfort in the bathroom

Clean lines and minimal styling of the walk-in showers give them a luxury look that enhances the value of the bathroom. With a possible house sale you have extra plus points. It is known that buyers always and necessarily consider the kitchen and bathroom with the utmost attention and accept as evidence of the overall condition of the house. With the installation of a walk-in shower, you will only increase the net worth if you decide to sell.

Your life will prove itself over time.

Bathroom glass partition wall

You can also feel at home like in a wellness temple

Equipped with a modern shower panel, with fewer faucets in design, with its tiled floor and clever drainage system, every walk-in shower proves to be practical and functional in design, yet stylish and trendy. A walk-in shower will preserve its good looks for a long time and will delight you every day with a real experience.

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