4 secrets on how to set up the perfect women's changing room

4 secrets on how to set up the perfect women's changing room

Every woman has a dream in life, but most ladies want their own dressing room. Because modern women think they have an urgent need for it. As if this desire were innate in the ladies, they are just waiting for the first possible opportunity to make a locker room at home. But how could one realize this wish? Where, and above all, how this paradise island full of garments is to be realized, we want to discuss today together. Because sometimes it is hard to solve this task even for experienced and self-confident housewives.

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In limited living space, the dressing room can be part of the bedroom

Where exactly should the locker room be?
All changing rooms are divided into two types: they represent a separate room or are part of a specific space. Not everyone can afford to sacrifice additional space in the home for the sanctuary of every woman to become a reality. If you have enough living space, we can suggest you the lighter and popular variant: you could divide a large room into several zones and set up a dressing room in a corner. For this you only need four square meters under these circumstances. Of course, this corner must be separated from the other zones in the room and designed in a targeted way. The ideal option would be to place this small changing room in the bedroom.

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The modest locker room in the apartment of actress Carrie Bradshaw

Many women are of the opinion that a good changing room could only be set up in a large apartment. On the contrary, you can find a place in every house, it depends only on your own wishes. This modest looking but comfortable changing room is located in the home of Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series "Sex and the City". The photo shows a beautiful open wardrobe between the bathroom and the bedroom, where the actress's favorite designer clothes and shoes are not hidden, but before her eyes.

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Everything has its place

Yes, everything must have its place in your changing room.
This is a golden rule and if you follow them, you will be able to cope much more easily with the desirable order in your changing room. First divide the wardrobe into several zones. For example, you can have extra space for your outdoor clothing and choose a different place for everyday wear. So you immediately find the clothes you want and your locker room always looks neat.

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Practical drawers are always needed in a ladies changing room

Drawers are very useful in every changing room. There is the ideal place for underwear, socks, scarves and other ladies accessories. In the open cupboard, above the drawers, glass shelves have been placed, creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing storage for women's bags.

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Best storage of women's shoes

For the shoes one often uses open shelves. Depending on the season, you can hide pairs of shoes in boxes if you do not need them at the moment and access them again at the season change. But there are women who prefer to show off their shoes.

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Picture 6: K: comfort and functionality in the women's changing room

An important element of the dressing room is a large wall mirror. It visually expands the space and helps you to look at yourself from all angles and to select every outfit correctly. The mirror can also be placed on the floor and leaned against a wall. It ensures comfort and functionality in the locker room.

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Built-in ceiling lights secure the desired lighting

In the locker room, you can not do without the right lighting, because in the dim light, it's hard to see how the new dress fits you. For this purpose, the best are built-in ceiling lights that give a diffused light. Near the mirror, it is appropriate to place a floor lamp.

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This large and comfortable poop steals the show here!

If your cloakroom area allows it, you can put extra furniture there. These can be puffs, upholstered stools, console, dressing table and chair. Make your stay in your favorite room even more comfortable and enjoyable.


To design a small workplace in the changing room

Actually, many of the sexes want to have a small job in the locker room. Yes, that would be possible if you had a good ventilation system. Use your sensitivity and design this space according to your own ideas and needs.

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Set up this room in bright shades

It is rarely possible to isolate the ladies changing room from the other interior. That's why you'd rather make an appropriate choice of decoration and furniture, preferably in bright colors. This simple rule will visually increase the space and give you a sense of spaciousness.

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