35 delightful dessert lamps for a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

35 delightful dessert lamps for a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

The bedside table is a natural part of every bedroom. It is always placed next to the bed and offers practical storage for everything you would like to have just a finger away. On every bedside table is a delightful bedside lamp that gives your private room the finishing touch. These lights are the key to the soothing look of the bedroom at night, giving the room a romantic look during the day. In this article, we are happy to show you 35 charming and very modern bedside lamps, which ensure a cozy atmosphere in each bedroom, regardless of its style of furnishing. The general thing in all of our picture examples is that the bedside lamps are equipped with a lampshade in neutral colors, which emits a soft light and creates a mild look in the bedroom. Have fun browsing through our picture gallery. You will probably find your next dessert lamp among our suggestions.

bedside lamp-night-bedroom-light-table lamp

A larger bedside table also serves as a desk in the bedroom

upholstered bench-black-bedroom-light-modern

Simple, but very elegant dessert lamp with a fancy metal foot

bedrooms-in-classic-style-light-table lamp

The dark lampshade spreads a faint light through the bedroom


For a larger bedside table in the bedroom, choose a more massive lamp


Romantic bedside lamp with ceramic foot in light pink

wicker basket-tiffany-bedroom-light-as-night lamp

Create a cozy reading corner in the bedroom

bedroom-maritime-Optic-light-bedside-table lamp

The padded headboard provides more comfort in the bedroom


Elegant bedside lamp with transparent glass base


Golden elements in the interior bring a great luxury touch to the bedroom


The bedside table should provide sufficient space for a lamp and beautiful decoration


Stylish lamps in the bedroom with marble feet

bedroom-light-mirror-puzzle wall lamp

Futuristic lamp and mirrors on the wall create a modern look in the bedroom

colorful-bedroom-modern-light-wood-table lamp

A colorful piece of art on the wall above the bed is a real eye-catcher

bedrooms-in-sky blue-wise-lampshade-light

Elegant bedroom in mediterranean style

modern-bedroom-light-futuristic glass feet

Great bedside lamp with rectangular lampshade and glass base

bedroom Stylish-light-wall wallpaper-neutral-colored

Cool bedside table with fronts of mirrors

bedroom-light-wall lamp-red-accents

The wall lamp is a good source of light at night


Combine the table lamp with a reading light for more comfort in the bedroom

bedside-black-bedroom-light design

With a designer table lamp you put a really good accent in the bedroom

chair-black-bedroom-table lamp-light-classic

Upholstered furniture in the bedroom offers a pleasant relaxation


Cool bedroom in blue, white and black - wonderful color combination

table lamp-classic-bedroom-cool-light

The right lighting in the bedroom is very important for your rest

bedroom light-with-shade blue-blanket

The exquisite design of the table lamp transforms the bedside table into a real eye-catcher


The table lamp as an exclusive decorative element in the bedroom

romantic-bedroom-with-flowers-deco-light-wall lamp

Decorate your bedside table with delicate flowers for a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

wall design-black-bedroom-light-style-luxuriously

Wall decoration in black transforms the bedroom into something very special


Retro floor lamp next to the bedside table is also recommended for the bedroom

white-bedroom-with-light sky-Chic

Cozy bedroom in white

design-bedroom-colorful-blue-light-table lamp

The light at night in your bedroom must not be garish


Extravagant color concept of dark blue and rich purple in the bedroom

floralmuster-rattan bedside-bedroom-light

Beautiful bedside lamp with base in ball shape

wood bed-bedroom-light-bedside-lampshade-looking

Cool bedroom with stylish table lamp

wall lamp-with-umbrella-bedroom-light

The wall lamp in the bedroom secures you more free space on the bedside table

interior design retro look-bedroom-light

Bedside table with drawers in retro look

bedroom-light-ceramic-fu-table lamp

The table lamp provides a soft light at night

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