25 Great ideas for smaller patios

25 Great ideas for smaller patios

Make the most of your garden terrace! Eliminate some flaws there by playing with scales, color, texture and location

In the magazines and on various websites we admire perfectly designed garden terraces with outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fountains, drink bars, furnished with chic living room style furniture and even with a large TV. All these luxury items dominate, letting the natural beauty of the garden fade into the background. In such situations, many of us are not sure what to do with their smaller garden terrace. Here we want to calm these people immediately, because even in the small patio there is a lot of potential, as far as its design is concerned. Yes, the small garden terrace can also look charming and charming. We want to give you some suggestions and practical tips to give your little outdoor area new life and make the most of your outdoor space

Built-in furniture is in!

Tips and ideas for garden terrace

Built-in furniture and suitable lighting are recommended in case of lack of space

Obviously, space is the biggest problem on a small garden terrace. But this is what motivates us to be more creative and lets us find unconventional solutions. For example, In this humble courtyard you have built a bench. This gives you enough space for a generous table in the middle. Tall trees and built-in wall lights replace any oppressive feeling.

Use the materials you already have in your home and garden

Modern Patio Ideas Garden Large Stone Tabletop

An old flagstone adds extra charm to this cozy outdoor seating area

When designing your small roof terrace, you do not have to make a big effort, but look around properly for old materials that are still usable. This large stone tabletop is authentic and brings a romantic flair in the small seating area under the vines.

Play with the scales

Ideas small garden terrace seating large planters

Stylishly designed sitting area in the small courtyard

You think you can only place small things in a small patio. No, that is not the case here. Look how well this big planter fits here. He is of course the eye-catcher on this small courtyard and immediately steals the show.

Think creatively

Exclusive and perfect garden tables modern garden furniture

A box can be transformed into a small table

If you have a limited budget, you can make your own coffee table. Each box can take over the function of a garden table. Think creatively and act courageously!

In the city, every free space is a plus

Garden terrace luxury furniture

You can sit outside comfortably anywhere

In an urban environment, any outdoor space is a luxury, even below street level. You just have to make the most of it. A high-top table with two elegan chairs fit perfectly in the free corner. Green plants in raised beds provide freshness and color.

Garden terrace outdoor dining furniture

Set up a cozy outdoor seating area and enjoy nature up close

Garden ideas water fountain wood bench

A small water fountain in the courtyard ensures freshness and tranquility

8. Also think about matching outdoor lighting on the patio

Garden Terrace Modern decor ideas metal dining furniture

Matching outdoor lighting is now a must

Nothing can ruin your comfort and enjoyment in the evenings like inappropriate outdoor lighting. Subdued light from a few garden lanterns placed directly on the floor can create a pleasant mood outside. In such an atmosphere everybody would spend nice hours in the open air, right?

Place a café table on the small patio and enjoy the time together.

Small gardens ideas plant furniture

Bringing French flair and romance to the little patio

An idyllic garden terrace with French coffee table placed next to fragrant wisteria and old stone walls will definitely turn into your favorite corner in the summer. This outdoor furniture set is compact and portable and fits on the smallest terraces. And of course it brings with it French romance and magic.

Ideas garden metal furniture

A small sitting area surrounded by green nature

Wood terrace furniture ideas

On every terrace you need a parasol and greenery

Modern patio ideas for your outdoor stone bench and stone floor

A stone bench, fire pit and stone floor are in perfect harmony with each other

Patio patio rattan furniture

Set colorful accents on the terrace, e.g. small garden figures or sculptures

Scroll down and look at the other examples in our photo gallery. Here are many design ideas for small garden terraces just waiting to be discovered by you.
We wish you lots of fun!

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