2016 - News in kitchen design

2016 - News in kitchen design

Would you like to miss your kitchen with a new spring look? We have collected 9 of the trend-setting highlights for you!

Tinted colors

Tinted pastel colors are in full swing this year - kitchen designer kitchen design pastel colors wooden floor

Tinted pastel colors are in vogue this year

The color scheme in the kitchen changes its look this year. White is preserved, but the wall shelves and kitchen backs will more often appear in pleasant, saturated colors. Examples of these are slate gray, gray, light blue and light green, which can be skilfully combined. Incidentally, the bright wood colors such as walnut and oak wood are making a comeback.

The primary colors are on the contrary pushed into the background. Therefore, choose neutral colors such as matte blue, matte green and pastel yellow as accent colors.

Inventive space-saving furniture

Elegant space-saving furniture offers charging options for your smartphone and iPad designer kitchen wooden floor

Elegant space-saving furniture offers charging options for your smartphone and iPad

A high tech makeover is coming up. More and more kitchen units will have SmartSystem-enabled devices. They are e.g. Discover hidden niches with charging stations, so that the mobile phones and iPads are always charged and ready to hand.

Significant changes incorporate amenities for all family members. Really sophisticated equipment is introduced, ranging from steamer to coffee machines to wine coolers.

Back to the 80s

Kitchen furniture with nostalgic design and metallic gloss kitchen design. Retro trends 2016

Kitchen furniture with a nostalgic design and metallic shine

Accents such as tile mirrors, brass kitchen accessories and high-gloss surfaces come back with an upswing. They should look more refined and elegant. Satin - satined and clear lacquer coated is preferred over the high - gloss finish. Incidentally, expect natural materials instead of plastics.

Covers of metal

Metallic accents become popular-range hood pendant lights metal cooking island

Metallic accents become popular

The surface finish of metal (whether copper, brass or bronze) was very popular last year. One liked to introduce metallic accents into the interior like faucets, pendant lights and handles.

This year, the metal will play a dominant role in the aesthetic kitchen. The extractor hoods made of metal or as a combination of metal and wood find their place in the home design. If you follow the trend with neutral colors, the metallic cover would create a great contrast to it.

Integrated kitchen

Cozy eat-in kitchen as a meeting place-trendy kitchen integrates kitchen island

Cozy kitchen as a meeting place for all family members

Does your kitchen seem somehow separate or out of line with the other rooms? With this new fashion you will integrate the kitchen area reasonably into the living room. It offers optimized kitchen designs that adapt to the living space. The kitchen is brought to life with the help of hidden and fully integrated household appliances.

A new tradition

Traditional kitchen with little visible kitchen accessories - country kitchen modern kitchen design cooking island wire chairs

Traditional kitchen with little visible kitchen accessories

The simple kitchen design is largely preferred. Even in traditional or country kitchens, clear lines and less details should dominate, i. less bells and whistles and more functionality and strategically placed items.

Traditional designs are becoming increasingly popular, from now on, however, with more emphasis on basic elements such as fume hoods, cooking islands, etc.

texture contrasts

Spacious Mediterranean kitchen with white walls and round stone ceiling designer luxury kitchen texture contrast

Spacious Mediterranean kitchen with white walls and rounded ceiling

This year attention is drawn to striking, unusual texture contrasts. In the kitchen area, e.g. a stone ceiling made of different types of stone exist. Such treatment shows great attention to detail.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern with Wood Elements in 2016-Retro Kitchen Design Kitchen Island Bar Stool Tile Mirror

Mid-Century Modern with wood elements in 2016

The kitchen design also includes furniture from the mid-20th century. As we have already mentioned in this article, walnut is now widely used in the production of cooking islands and fronts. That's the main idea of ​​Nordic Style. It's a homage to the furniture from the 1960s. Get on board and embrace this minimalist design with its white colors and rich woodwork. This style of furnishing emphasizes the simplicity and functionality of the pieces of furniture.

Modern kitchen with glaring color accents and countertops of wood-modern kitchen worktops wood cooking island extractor metal

Modern kitchen with bright color accents and wooden worktops

The kitchen accessories come into play with bright colors. Sinks, kitchen splashbacks and shelves will by no means appear neutral and restrained. Even hearths and worktops will surprise with color design. The end result is a dynamic modernity in the interior.

Illuminated wall shelves

Modern LED lighting and metallic gloss kitchen trends modern kitchen tile mirror metal

Modern LED lighting and metallic shine

Ceiling lights and table lamps will no longer suffice as lighting. As a rule, LED lighting is tastefully placed above, below and on wall shelves.

These are the trends in kitchen design that are taking the world by storm this year!

Expect the newest curiously n tendencies in kitchen planning? Now we report: High-tech equipment, 80s look and chic kitchens are just a few of the typical features for the year 2016 !

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