20 modern laundry rooms - practical design ideas and tips

20 modern laundry rooms - practical design ideas and tips

Every modern person needs freshly smelling, clean clothes every day, which is properly sorted in his cupboard. To make this a dream, interior designers have developed practical design ideas for the modern laundry room at home. But if you do not have the space for an extra laundry room, the experts also suggest space-saving solutions and show us how we can only design a laundry area in the city apartment. Both variants are just as good, it depends only on the available space. The most important thing when designing these rooms is their planning. That means, in the city apartment or in your own house you have to designate a place especially for this purpose and then think of the appropriate equipment. What should include the modern laundry, you would ask for sure. In the next lines we try to give you a satisfying answer!

light blue-laundry room-with-modern-washing fall-and-have-barriers

Here you have everything you need in a modern kitchen

wash area-with-modern-come-equipped pastures basket-for-the-wash

Even small rooms can be designed as a laundry room

  1. Determine a suitable space for the laundry room

We have already suggested it, the space for the modern laundry room is crucial for the whole interior design and equipment. Choose such a room where the access is threshold-free. Of course it would be desirable for you to have a sufficiently large area so that you can easily place all the necessary washing equipment and cabinets there. In the best case, you can have all these installed or installed and secure enough tread in this way. You should also think about the lighting in the laundry room. Enough natural light flooding the whole room is the ideal case. But if you set up a small laundry room in a room with no windows, then you need to include the lighting right from the planning stage. In any modern laundry room, good and safe electrical wiring is particularly important, so think of it early. In many apartments and houses, the rooms are supplied with gas line, if you want to use gas instead of electricity for the washing machines. The plus point here is that the first variant is cheaper.

spacious-laundry room-with-tiled floor and modern-Washing fall

Spacious laundry room, which is provided with everything necessary

  1. The interior design

Pay enough attention to the interior design of your laundry room, so that you have a modern and friendly room to wash for years. Paint the walls in white or in a light, neutral color to your taste. This is especially recommended in small rooms, because the bright colors make the small laundry room look wider and more spacious. Then think of a suitable floor covering as well. We recommend the tile floor, so you would not have any problems with moisture and water droplets.

dark-laundry room-with-have-washing fall-

Wall shelves, cabinets and baskets provide enough storage space

  1. Equipment of the modern laundry room

To set up a really modern laundry room, you need modern washing machines, practical cabinets and other accessories. In the specialty shops you will find a wide range of modern washing machines. These are often combined with dryers. Make your choice only after you have informed yourself well. First place the washing machines and supply them with water and electricity. Only then can you think of built-in cabinets or a sink with a sink. The last ones are useful if you have enough free space and can afford them. The decision is up to you! Especially important in every modern laundry room is the available storage space. Upper and lower cabinets and wall shelves are a must everywhere. For very practical we can also recommend a hinged ironing board or a whole ironing station.

washroom with rustic-barrier and carpet-on-the-floor

Can one still wish something?

  1. Integrated washing area

You must not despair immediately if you can not afford an extra room to wash. Each of us knows the modern apartments in the city and knows that they are not exactly spacious. That's why there are cheap space-saving solutions. You can integrate a modern laundry area into your kitchen or bathroom. In both cases, you would not be wrong. Modern furnishings, top equipment and a chic interior design are the keys to success!


The laundry room can be an integrated area in the bathroom

small-wash area-in-bad-modern-wash-shaker-of-steel

Small laundry area, but very practical

wash area-with-modern-come-equipped pastures basket-for-the-wash

Modern toilet and laundry area in one room

Scroll down and look at our picture examples! Surely you will then feel inspired to design a modern laundry room at home. We wish you a lot of success and good luck!

bright-laundry room-with-have-fallen-and-wood barriers

The perfect laundry room looks like this!

washroom-advised to-point-and-barriers-direct-access-to-solarium

Modern laundry room with direct access to the sun terrace

Washing machine and dryer always go together!

Washing machine and dryer always go together!

small-practical-laundry room-in-the-African

In the small niche you can also design your laundry room

palyer-bad-with-washing area

Modern washing machine with dryer shine in this integrated washing area

grose-modern-laundry room-in-a-house-on-the-land

Does your dream laundry look the same?

modern-laundry room-very-well-equipped

Narrow space, modern laundry room

modern-laundry room

Are you missing something in this laundry room?

storage space-in-the-laundry room

Sufficient storage space is a must in every modern laundry room

super-modern-laundry room

My dream laundry looks like this! And your?

large-sunny-room-less-washing region

Bright, spacious and practical - the modern laundry room!

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