20 ideas for garden design in country house style

20 ideas for garden design in country house style

The new desire for life in the countryside has developed in recent years a new trend in garden design, which means garden in country house style. Actually, this is nothing new, but a piece of rediscovered old, because this gardening experts know this style for centuries. The new urge "back to nature" now allows millions of people worldwide to design their gardens as close to nature as possible. One strives for the freedom to stay for a long time in the midst of green plants and fragrant flowers, to eat in the open air and to let his soul dangle. In today's article, we want to show you how to turn your garden into a place of beauty and joy with 20 great examples of pictures.

Farmhouse garden modern

Your dream of wide lawns and well-formed beds is now achievable

Landhausgarten living and garden

A garden with rural charm can be designed anywhere - on a large and on a small plot

House with with large garden

Lush greenery around the house allows you to immerse yourself in nature and forget the stress of everyday life in the office

Modern designed villa garden

The modern country house garden offers you huge design possibilities

Here you can create garden paths and mark them well. Depending on your taste, you could sculpt your boxwood bushes and get playful designs.

modern country house garden patio cottage garden

In a secluded place, you can create a cozy sitting area where you can spend hours in the fresh air. Is not that pure relaxation?

Country house garden with romantic roses

The numbing rose scent spreads throughout the outdoor area

Gardening for the small garden to plant flowers

Lavender brings color to your garden and rest for your soul

8.Picture: K: If you want, make the boxwood hedge in beautiful shapes, but also cultivate a wide lawn

Gardenplaza country house garden

If you want, make the boxwood hedge in beautiful shapes, but also cultivate a wide lawn

Landhausgarten living and garden

The garden fence protects your privacy

With every garden design, the fence is always an important aspect. It demarcates your property and protects you from prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by.
The well-cut hedge serves as a property boundary in many gardens. However, the fence can be made of stones or wood. There are many options that you can learn about in this regard. It is worth it in any case!

decoration country house garden design garden fence ideas

From the garden gate meanders a narrow path directly to the house

Romantic country house garden

Also think of garden arches for your climbing plants

Villa garden flowers ideas for a garden fence

Beautiful flowers make the villa garden

The rural atmosphere is lush, flowered beds with colorful flowers. Among the undisputed favorites are daisies, roses and lavender. They always bring a fresh flair to your garden.

Charm garden fountain ideas country garden

Lush greenery soothes eyes and soul

Garden house with modern garden look

Symmetrical shapes for a raised garden look

Country house garden in English style

A small house completely immersed in green

Cottage Garden

Well shaped lawn and lush greenery next to it

Gardening Garden Ideas Design

Rustic charm and romance in one

Country house garden and garden house ideas

The distance calls ...

Garden design in country style

The beauty of nature is limitless

Decorative elements in rustic style in country house garden

Visually emphasize the entrance through beautifully shaped foliage plants

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