20 great Zen designs of the bathroom

20 great Zen designs of the bathroom

The elements of earth, air and water are balanced in Asian culture in a very intricate way. The Asian design in the interior design is characterized by a clever combination of these elements and looks very relaxed and cheerful. Today we want to show you 20 fascinating bathroom projects designed according to the Zen teachings, and you will see for yourself that the Feng Shui influence brings a thoughtful touch to your everyday life, which makes you happier.

The Zen design brings nature into the room and creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The designers achieve this with skilful use of natural stones and earthy materials as the basis of their designs. The combination of various textures and wood elements is complemented by a subtle balance of light and muted tones. The modern flair of Zen design with its traditional elements shows the aspiration of the designers to bring a quiet SPA corner in every home.

In the Zen baths, there is vital energy radiating from the ornamental plants and floral patterns, which are set as subtle accents by the designers. You will surely notice the airy atmosphere and the simple execution of every detail. The vibrant bathroom designs that we present to you today are actually international and well thought out in their entirety. The clean lines and the elegant accents create an excellent overall look in the room and the inviting ambience brings senses and soul a real pleasure.

Take a look at our Zen suggestions and be inspired to a Zen oasis in your home.

Aziatian bath tub glass wall

A luxurious bath for full relaxation after a hard day's work

Wooden cabinet black washbasin aziatisches bath

A traditional modern style with clean lines

Floral pattern Aziatian bath large mirror

A bathroom in an innovative design in dark colors

Aziatian bath dark tub Zen style

An elegant bathroom with wood accents

Natusteinen wallcovering Aziatisches Zen bath white bathtub

Nice and quiet atmosphere in a great Zen-bath

Aziatian bath bamboo red wall glass wall

Strong colors and subdued light - wonderful combination for the Zen bath

Sauna natural wood Aziatisches bath

The wood as the main element in the bathroom design

Aziatian bath with natural stones Zen optics

The wall cladding made of natural stone looks noble and luxurious

trendy Aziatian bath

A spacious bathroom in Zen style

Aziatisches bath tub made of rough worked stone

Stunning washbasin and tub made of rough natural stone

Aziatian bath in black and wood nuances

A classic contrast between dark and light

Aziatisches bath in wood washbasin in white

Great Zen bathroom with wood paneling

Aziatian bath with double sink black tub

Trendy bathroom with double sink

Aziatian bath in retro optics Zen style

Stylish bathroom in a retro look

Aziatian bathroom with traditional accents Wooden washbasin

A spacious modern bathroom with traditional interior elements

dark wall covering aziat bath

Warm, dark colors are very soothing and relaxing

Stool washbasin in white black washbasin aziatisches bath

An orchid complements the Zen atmosphere in the bathroom

Panoramic window Aziatry bath Sink Natural stone

The natural stone is the perfect material for the wash plate in the bathroom

Asian bathroom design in wood

Abundant natural light transforms this bath into a real feel-good oasis

Aziatisches Bad Vitrage window built-in tub

The built-in tub gives the bathroom an interesting modern look

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