20 eye-catching kitchen mirrors that will make your kitchen design look different

20 eye-catching kitchen mirrors that will make your kitchen design look different

If you do not want to renovate your whole kitchen, because this is expensive and expensive, you can put on a new kitchen mirror. That would actually the perfect opportunity to set a new highlight there, because nothing could change the whole look of a kitchen like its back wall. Do not feel discouraged that all of this seems to be quite complicated, but it's only at first sight! You could easily do many things yourself. There are ready-made kitchen mirrors that you can assemble yourself and in no time at all let your kitchen look different. At the moment there are many new design possibilities for the market modern kitchen mirrors , In addition to the traditional tile mirror, there are those made of contemporary materials such as glass, stainless steel and aluminum or high-quality laminate panels and those of high-pressure laminate (HPL) These show striking decors that go from solid colors on stone and wood to mosaic and tile imitations. First, choose the best color option for your kitchen and then think about the right material to use on your kitchen back wall. To get a brand new look, you really need to think through everything in advance, and then act. This preparation is worthwhile in any case, because modern offers are very many and you need to know it well.

Today we want to introduce you to 20 interesting kitchen mirror ideas showing numerous colors, designs and materials. There is certainly something for everyone, whether you prefer a classic look or something more conspicuous. Take a look at our pictures and let yourself be inspired! Make your kitchen mirror new and trendy!

blue-pattern-cake mirror

Blue Chevron pattern beefs up the kitchen

cake mirror-in-lemon gold

A kitchen mirror in lemon gold shines and shines


Also interesting patterned tiles in white and gray look great

cake mirror design

Modern kitchen mirror design executed with modern materials

golden yellow-and-blue cake mirror

Highlights are needed in every kitchen - the geometric pattern in golden yellow and blue is strikingly beautiful

cake smooth wall-of-stone

A stone kitchen back wall just steals the show


cake mirror-from-wood

Wood panels are becoming increasingly popular as a kitchen mirror material

cake mirror-ideas-design

White with a delicate pattern

cake smooth wall-ideas-gray-white

Modern texture in gray fits wonderfully in this contemporary kitchen

cake mirror-of-marble

A marble kitchen mirror - the last sublime trend in kitchen design

tiles-cake smooth wall

And a little tin of retro style ... ..

tiles-kitchen-ideas-jerk wall

Navy blue in the kitchen undoubtedly attracts everyone's attention

looking-and-gray-cake smooth wall

White and gray prevail in this kitchen, the kitchen mirror has a special texture

cake smooth wall-tiles

Mediterranean Inspiration


Case your head is not dizzy ... ..

marble-an-der-cake smooth wall

Marble on the kitchen back wall stands for grandeur and refinement

cake smooth wall-tiles

Does your dream kitchen look the same?

cake smooth wall-tile mirror

A vintage flair for fans of retro design

cake smooth wall-ideas-filigree-pattern

Delicate pattern decorates the whole wall

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