20 design options for small dining room in a grand style

20 design options for small dining room in a grand style

It is 6 o'clock. You have just come home. What do you do first? Be honest - do not you go straight to the kitchen to eat something small? But that should not be a secret and you do not have to stand upright next to the fridge while you eat. Or do you have breakfast on the sofa in front of the TV in the living room at weekends? After that you will find small tomato stains and numerous crumbs everywhere. Stop it! Design a small dining room as part of the living room or kitchen and you will not regret it. We have prepared 20 practical design ideas for you, which you can not leave indifferent.

dining room-dining room chairs-to-ceiling-windows

Cozy dinette directly in front of a floor-to-ceiling corner window

dining-rattanstuhle-dining chairs

The maritime furnishing silence is ideal for your small dining room

dining-cake-island marble top-wanddeko

Romantic dining room for two as part of the kitchen

dining-cushion bench-dining chairs

Combine comfortable chairs with upholstered bench in the dining room and decorate with deco pillows for a good mood

upholstered bench-dining room-design-chair

Minimalist dining room for the stylish apartment

For your new dinette you need comfortable seating, a table and the right place in your apartment. As for seating, you can combine chairs with bench seats, especially if the dining area is in the corner. With or without armrests, the chairs can be and that is a matter of taste. At Trendomat we like the comfortable upholstered chairs with armrests. After the chairs are selected, consider. what a table will fit. Round or rectangular tables are undoubtedly the classics in the dining rooms. The wooden tables radiate warmth and coziness, the metal adds a modern touch and the glass creates a unique designer atmosphere not only in the dining room, but in the whole apartment. Everything else depends on the layout of the living space. Take a look at our 20 design options that we have specially selected for you and find a creative inspiration for your next home renovation.

small-dining room-dining room chairs

Turn the small niche into a cozy dining room

Chairs-dining-table-wood wanddeko

Enjoy your breakfast on comfortable upholstered chairs


Modern dining area with round stainless steel table and designer plastic chairs

Chairs-dining-round-table-dining room chairs-upholstered bench

Opt for light colors in the dining room to create an airy look

dining room-design-chair-bar stool yellow

Stylish dining room with yellow bar stools and great art deco

pendant lights-dining-counter-bar stool

Pure design without ornaments looks very noble and exquisite

material and style-dining-set-wood table

A metal-framed table brings a special industrial touch to the dining room

pendant lights-dining-chair Round-table

The red upholstery of the chairs is a strong accent in the dining room

pendant lights-dining-wood table

Small dining room with layered closets

Chairs-dining-cushion bench-sofa

With a cushioned high back seat, you can get a bistro look at home


Great dining room with unusual wall decoration


The upholstered bench next to the window can also be your personal reading corner

dining-wood table-chair-fabric and style

Bright dining room in classic style

dining-chair-transparent plastic-

Modern dining room in navy blue and gray


Elegantly designed dining area invites you to the next meal

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