16 alternative ideas for the Christmas tree

16 alternative ideas for the Christmas tree

Can you imagine Christmas without the Christmas tree? No, that just will not work! Yes, but if you have no room in the living room, or if you prefer to avoid cleaning ten thousand pine needles right after the feast, we have some alternative, slightly outlandish ideas for your Christmas trees. They are all very easy to imitate. Are you already curious and interested? Then stay tuned, we'll start presenting them!


Simply decorate, use the gifts of nature and create beauty!

christmas tree-form

Christmas tree made of cookies - delicious and beautiful at the same time!

This Christmas tree tastes as good as it looks. With a simple cookie recipe, you can do wonders. Cut the finished dough into stars, bake them and then attach them to the wall in a tree shape. And the plus point? They are really looking forward to taking this tree after the party!

Christmas tree-pot

A Christmas tree in a pot is an environmentally conscious option for your Advent decoration

A Christmas tree in a pot is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance option. If you look after the tree well, it can become a permanent guest in your home. If you do not have much space for the Christmas decoration, this is an ingenious solution.


Showcase the wrapped Christmas presents!

Present the wrapped Christmas gifts by arranging them as a tree! Stack gift packages of different shapes and sizes and create a beautiful arrangement.

Christmas Decorations on-the-wall-of-metal

Simple Christmas decoration on the metal wall is very appropriate for all fans of minimalism

Small Christmas trees made of metal are stylish, space-saving and attractive. They offer a wonderful way to hang string lights and other decorative ornaments. So you can certainly draw the attention of your friends and relatives on your creativity and hand skills.

tree-in-pot-adorned Christmas Tree

No Christmas tree, but a Christmas tree - yes, you can!

You do not necessarily have to get a fir-tree. We love this sparse alternative - so much the better for hanging decorative items and candles.

Christmas tree-from-wood

A wooden Christmas tree is also an environmentally friendly alternative to the classic Christmas tree

Is this also a Christmas tree? This environmentally friendly alternative has become increasingly popular in recent years. Such Christmas trees are made of sustainable wood and can accompany you for many years at Christmas.


Attach your Christmas cards to the wall by forming a Christmas tree

You probably already have a stack of Christmas cards, right? Why do not you use them and make your own tree this year? Use the right glue to stick the cards to the wall and watch your Christmas tree grow literally.


Draw a Christmas tree on the wall and decorate it with lights

Everyone knows that celebratory lights are the best part of a Christmas tree. Attached to the wall, the lights look super cool!

christmas table

A few green pine branches hanging over the Christmas table transform into an absolute eye-catcher in the room

To make your Christmas ornaments special, hang some fir or other green branches horizontally over your Christmas table, as shown in the photo.

decoration-living room-christmas tree-of-cardboard

From cardboard or cardboard, you can also make a Christmas tree and use it again every year

Now this hanging Christmas tree comes from cardboard. His advantage? You can use it again and again every year.

Christmas Tree Template-each-year-use

Also a durable idea that adorns your room well

Here comes a clever idea: using a template, you can also tinker a Christmas tree


A Wadtattoo in the form of a tree is a clever idea on which you can continue working and decorating

Wall tattoos are a simple, easy-to-remove solution. Use small hooks, tape and hang balls and stockings on the wall.

Christmas tree-nursery-decorating

Make a Christmas tree out of a Baby Mobile and pleasantly surprise the little ones

When decorating your home, pay a lot of attention to the nursery, as the little ones are looking forward to the next party. So in their room you can make a tree out of a Baby Mobile and hang it up. Your effort will be paid immediately. They conjure up happy smiles in the faces of your children.

christmas tree Paint child-bunt

Teach your little one colorful painting!

Here comes a fancy idea - with watercolors, acrylic and colored pencils you can paint on large piece of paper this Christmas tree. Your children can also participate.

boxwood plant-potting-form-pay

Cut small boxwood plants to look like little Christmas trees and surprise your friends and relatives at Christmas!

And last but not least we want to present you a very "green" idea. Your boxwood plants in pots can make you look like little Christmas trees and give them as gifts. And do you still have something in mind - any other shape would be suitable!

Armed with these or other decoration ideas, you would definitely have a Merry Christmas! We wish you that!

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