15 simple solutions for better order in your home

15 simple solutions for better order in your home

Clutter and clutter everywhere you got upside down? Keep calm and do not give up! Today, we'll show you 15 simple solutions on how to organize your belongings in such a way that you can see your home in better order with little effort on a daily basis.

Wall shelves in vintage look


In the stylish wine boxes made of wood, you can store many little things without causing clutter

The open wall shelves offer plenty of storage space and can be very charming. Create a great vintage look with old wine box and simple elements in black. These wall shelves are ideal for your home office or living room.

Captivating exhibition space on the wall

shelf-family images-living room-design ideas-wall-deco

Nice wall decoration with family pictures and small houseplants

The decoration brings more warmth and comfort into every living space. Mount simple shelves on the wall and show off your most beautiful family pictures, artworks and souvenirs of exotic travel. Practical and nice looking solution for small living spaces.

Modern Victorian style shelf

room dividers-regal-victorian-modern-kitchen

The glasses on the shelves let the daylight into the room.

This two-sided Victorian style freestanding shelf is ideal for any kitchen. Arrange on it your cookbooks, the big bowls that take up a lot of space in the kitchen cupboards, some bottles of wine and everything you want to showcase.

Simple cabinets in white

shelves-looking-kitchen-cake cabinet

Clean lines and straight forms are always modern

Behind the kitchen cabinet doors you can store all sorts of food and crockery. The white fronts create a quiet and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and make the room look bigger. Decorate the cabinet with solid vases and bowls in black, white and gray for a modern and stylish look.

A practical linen closet

wash esch rank-tucher-detergent-shelves-rank

Arrange the cloths by color

You will always enjoy playing when you open the doors of the linen closet. Arrange your things in beautiful wicker baskets and the detergents - in large jars. In this way you save a lot of space, which you could use for other little things.

Practice-relevant home office

shelf-home-office-Scandinavian style

Practical home office in Scandinavian style

Design a stylish home office even in the small apartment. You need a stylish table and clever storage boxes and wall shelves for your documents. Decide on the Scandinavian style, which skilfully blends white and natural wood to create a modern and airy look

shelf-freestanding-cabinet-with-glass doors-bathrooms

Freestanding cabinet with glass doors can also be used in the bathroom


Adjustable shelves for more comfort in the basement


Built-in shelf in the bathroom for the cosmetics of the whole family

regal-own-build-country style tableware tucher

Do not hide your colorful tea towels, but create a colorful wall decoration in the kitchen

small-kitchen-shelves-indutriell-stainless steel cake cabinet

Open wall shelves in a small kitchen in industrial style

shelving bed-drawer-storage flat

Use the space under the bed for blankets, pillows and sheets

shelf-bedroom-attic-roof schrage

Balance the attic ceilings in the loft with comfortable shelves


Ceiling-high shelf for all spices and culinary herbs in the modern kitchen


Practical wall shelf in the living room with large drawers

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